The Best Fundraising Events for Every Season

How personalised wine bottles can help you raise funds for your organisation

Are you looking for the freshest, most inventive fundraising event for your organisation? Depending on the season, people often want different things. Wine tours are great all year-round, but some variety helps spice things up.

The future of fundraising events is looking bright, but we still need something that can entice people to give.

In this list, we’ll give you the best fundraising events for every season. We have food, personalised wines, and good tidings all over, so this is an excellent list for those looking for new ideas.

Take a look, and you might find the right event for you.

The best fundraising events in Australia for each season

The Best Fundraising Events for Every Season - Fundraising

1. Spring branded parties and personalised wine

Spring in Australia is all about wildlife and wildflowers blooming after the cold of winter. Spring days are warm but not as humid as the summer. Nights are cooler, too.

For a spring fundraising event, a branded product event at either lunch or dinner is a  great options. If you can find a garden party that allows for dinner with potential donors and their families, much better!

From here, you can launch your branded products, such as personalised wines. Let your guests purchase them for charity or use them as giveaways for donors.

The Best Fundraising Events for Every Season - Fundraising

2. Summer surfing fundraisers

Summer is all about the beach, so why not enjoy the waves by hosting a surfing event? Coastal areas around NSW house almost a near endless source of surf spots, so why not take advantage of it?

Host a fun surfing charity event for different skill levels. You can find sponsors, have some good sea food, and even offer different types of wine as refreshment. Everyone can have a fun time.

The Best Fundraising Events for Every Season - Fundraising

3. Autumn food and wine events

Autumn in Australia is splendid, and most Aussies love it. Crisp, fresh air is a wonderful treat, making it a good time for food and wine events. This is when food and wine tasting events for fundraisers are a great choice.

The Australian autumn has many fresh harvests, from fruits to veggies. Cook up a storm and let friends and sponsors enjoy a feast. Offer some great types of wine on the market – you can even offer personalised wines as samplers.

When you do so, make sure to remind everyone that some of the profits go to charity or the non-profit.

The Best Fundraising Events for Every Season - Fundraising

4. Winter community raffles

Winter is the coolest period in Australia and the rainiest as well. During this time, community raffles  are common for a reason. They make great profits for fundraising events, and you can pick which ones to put up too.

Pick up some appliances, coupons, or a make up a basket of food and accessories that everyone loves as prizes. You can also give out different wine types as prizes. Make sure that the grand prize is something that would excite people.

Set up fundraisers people would love

The best fundraising events are excellent if you enjoy them. Pick out occasions that would appeal to many. Have prizes and party favours like personalised wines to give people some extra incentive to help the event.

If you can find the right event that fits the potential sponsors, you can motivate people to give and enjoy. Have the wine flowing and have a wonderful time!

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