Wines for Every Occasion

Wines for Every Occasion - Wine

A quick guide to finding the perfect wine for a special occasion.

Wine is a staple for any occasion because they convey a feeling of maturity, sophistication, and relaxation all at the same time. They can be great for gifts, or as the perfect pair to a meal.

There are different types of wine to choose from –red, white, rosé, sparkling, fortified, or sweet. They can be full or light-bodied, old or young, dry or sweet. With all of these types and flavours, it can be daunting to consider which type of wine goes with each occasion.

The type of wine you should bring out should depend on the occasion. For example, there are different wines that would be best for:

  1. Mother’s Day
  2. Father’s Day
  3. Weddings
  4. Engagements and anniversaries
  5. Births and christenings
  6. Christmas
  7. Graduation
  8. Valentine’s Day
  9. Easter
  10. Commemorative photo wines
  11. Chinese New Year

There’s no hard and fast rule on what specific type or vintage of wine goes with each occasion. The key is to try to pair the flavours of your wine with the characteristics of the event or occasion, such as types of dishes, party size, and even budget.

A simple guide to choosing wine

Every occasion deserves something special when it comes to wine. Not all wines, however, will fit the same event or party. Here’s a general frame on how you can pair your wine with your events.

Family Gatherings

Family gatherings, from your regular Sunday brunches to special dinners, often feature sumptuous and savoury dishes, sweet and syrupy desserts and an abundance of snacks on the side. To counter the great variety of flavours and to mediate the power of the different tastes, you need wine that can complement a wide range of offerings.

A bottle of dry Riesling can complement almost any dish and would make a great pair toalmost any main course. You can expect the right amount of sweetness, with hints of peach and citrus that can be refreshing for the palate.

For a dinner party that’s heavy on the main course, a bottle of Syrah won’t go wrong. It goes well with different types of meat. For simpler gatherings, a classic Chianti can complement and bring out the flavours of even the most basic of dishes.

Lastly, another staple would be a good bottle of Spanish Merlot. A glass would pair well with a juicy and succulent piece of meat.

Special Dinners and Events

If you are planning to bring out the steak –maybe for an anniversary, birthday party or Valentine’s Day date – then it’s also time to bring out more expensive wine.

The rugged tastes of Cabernet Sauvignon, with hints of oak, blackberry and spice, would balance well with the big and juicy steak on the menu. If the highlight of your meal is seafood, like lobster or fish, then a glass of Sauvignon Blanc would add that extra zest. For a more refreshing complement to take in between bites, the fruity Viognier wine would match well with the food.

Oysters and champagne would make a great match, too. For spicy dishes, you can level the experience with a spicy bottle of wine.

House Gifts

Meeting the parents or having a housewarming party are times to impress. You need wine that’s classic, sophisticated, and delicious.

For this occasion, you can’t go wrong with the classic blends of Grenache-Based Reds. These wines have a nice finish and flavour. What’s great about this type of red wine is that it can be appreciated by everyone, even those who are new to wine.

The fruity and sparkling Cremant de Bordeaux can also be impressive.At the same time, it’s lighter than other wines.

Lastly, the balanced flavours of Chardonnay, with subtle oak undertones, can show sophistication and a mature appreciation for the taste of white wines.

Big Celebrations

If you are planning to pop open a bottle outdoors or in a bigger crowd, you have to choose wine that is generally well-received, with smooth and adaptable flavours.

A bottle of Rosé, with its grape flavours, would do well for a sunny outdoor picnic or event. For a backyard BBQ, a bottle of Carménè will have just the right amount of strong yet smooth flavour.

For corporate celebrations, like functions or promotions, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon would be your best bet. For more personal celebrations, like 21st to 50th birthday parties, a bottle of bubbly sparkling wine would satisfy most of your guest list.

Make your wine more fit to the occasion

Sometimes, it’s not just about the type and quality of wine you bring to the party. It’s also about presentation. To make the drinking and socialising experience unique for everyone, you can opt to have your wine bottle labels customised. You can have a label with a clear design displaying the date and occasion or event. This way, people can keep a clear memento of the event and at the same time have a satisfying glass of wine.

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