Party in Style with Personalised Wine

personalised wine

Bespoke Artisan Wines in a Perfect Setting

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate good food combined with good wine. You will no doubt fall into the ‘I enjoy wine’ category, rather than the ‘I am a professional imbiber of fine wines’ one, so don’t be put off by the mere fact that you simply like to be with those friends who add to the overall enjoyment of imbibing some out-of-the-ordinary wines together. We often talk about having special occasions in the evening, but of course any time of the day is a possible occasion for that quality time with colleagues, family and friends.

Consider a fancy picnic at an out of the way spot that you have discovered and want to share, or going for a hike and surprising your companions with a delicious chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Staying at home is not the only way to party in style and surprising your special guests with an out-of-home fun day destination is a fabulous way of sharing and of course, caring. The true pleasure is being together, wherever or whenever it may be.  But ask yourself, what is really going to add some sparkle to the day – perhaps a bottle of your favourite bubbly or, or a deliciously robust Shiraz on a cold day.  Think of adding value to the day or evening soiree that you are planning. This could be all that it takes to put that icing on the cake or the capers on the smoked salmon sandwiches.

Along with many creative and unique ideas that you can use to add value, one interesting and clever way of doing it is personalising the wine that you will serve for the planned occasion. Or for that birthday present for the friend who has everything, or that dinner party for your end-of-year office function, or simply that collective clan event that you have been tasked with hosting. Work out your objective and turn your strategy into a talking point that will make your guests hugely impressed.  Mission accomplished.

customised wine label

Whatever the Occasion or Venue – Treat Your Family to a Personalised Wine Bottle

If you recognise the truth behind your family’s drinking habits, you will know that the choice of wine has become same old, same old. We are in a rush, as usual, in our selection process at the wine shop, so we tend to buy the same wines over and over.  Why not? You say, it worked in the past. But take some time, after all this is what impresses people most, and consider buying something different.  Your wine shop will be able to help in matching the occasion, along with the food you intend to serve, to the wine.  This will most definitely add value to the occasion by simply being different to the norm and then consider a truly creative way of introducing this new wine, by adding a personalised wine label? Add your favourite family photograph, or a photograph of your best friend the family dog, or get a funny cartoon to epitomise the goings on in the household. Then add a personal message that perfectly captures your family life and you’re set! Remember these wine labels can be blown up and printed as a family motto, or simply as an attractive wall hanging, i.e. “Do Not Keep Calm and Content. There is More Wine to be Had!”

Think about using that special label as an invitation to your occasion.  Join us at Hamm Farm for the “The Perfect Picnic with Pleasurable People”. Vintage October 10 2016; meet us for a hike for “An Awesome Adventure for Unadventurous City Slickers”. Vintage November 2016.  Be unique and witty and people will love it, but most of all they will love the wine that you have matched to the occasion and the time you took to make it a personalised unique experience.

Fizz for Your Friends

What about a Bespoke Bubbly, or a custom designed Personalised Pinot Noir, or a Charmingly Chic Chardonnay, to acknowledge the many long years of your relationship with your friends. Your friends will be mightily impressed. The added personal touch of a uniquely personalised label will go down a treat.  And a treat is what you want. So whatever the occasion may be, adding value means adding a personal touch.

An Evening of Fine Wine and Friendly Chatter

It really is easy to organise your own personalised event. Do not stress over how unimaginative you feel or how bored you are with your style of entertaining.  Give your day a boost by planning ahead, working out your overall objective, and matching the tipple to the occasion. Turn that tipple into a talking piece and you know that good conversation will flow and your perfectly suited food accompaniments will be most appreciated and loved.  Along with the bottle that you have turned into a masterpiece of creativity, you could always consider an additional take-home gift by having the wine glass stamped with the date as a great reminder of a fun and unique time together. The perfect memento for the perfect evening!