All pricing includes artwork, customised wine labelling and GST

Wedding Wines

Wine Design would love to help you create an amazing atmosphere on your special day.

Wine Design offer a unique bonbonniere option for weddings wines.

If you’d like to add a unique touch to your guest’s tables, look no further. Our miniature wines have customised wine labels designed to match the style of your wedding. Send a copy of your invitation, email a photo, or let us know what you would like on your personalised wine labels and we will create a design for you and email you a label proof.

Wine Design can also provide full sized wedding wines bottles perfect for enjoying at your reception (refer to Corporate pricing for orders of 12 or more bottles).

Turnaround time is normally 7-10 working days from your confirmed order. As it’s such an important event, we will ensure the delivery is prompt, however it’s best to allow extra time.

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Wedding Label Examples

All Wedding labels are customised and created to your requirements.

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