Wine branding: how customised wine labels can help your business stand out

Personalised wine labels can help reflect your company’s values.

Corporate gift-giving can help businesses grow. Corporate gifts can be given to customers and clients, business partners, and employees. Customised corporate gifts can be used to celebrate milestones, gain more loyal customers, and show appreciation for their valuable contributions to the business.

There are many options for corporate gifts. However, it is simply not enough to get any gift. Appropriateness must be considered at all times. The occasion also matters. Of course, there is the matter of giving out gifts that most or all recipients will love and appreciate.

Personalised wines for your corporate gifts

Personalised wines for your corporate gifts

Who does not love a good bottle of wine? Personalised wine bottles make perfect gifts for clients, new customers, partners, and colleagues. So why are they ideal corporate gifts?

1. They make sophisticated gifts.

Corporate gifts represent the company giving them, in one way or another. Personalised wine bottles are perfect if the giver wants to create a great impression on the recipient. They are classy and sophisticated, elevating the giver’s brand. The gift can be given to and appreciated by everyone.

2. They know no gender.

When it comes to gift-giving, every giver wants his gift to be gender-neutral yet still personalised and thoughtful. Customised wine bottles are perfect for adults of all genders.

3. They are suitable for all occasions.

Whether it is the company’s anniversary, Christmas, or New Year’s Day, a personalised wine bottle is a suitable gift. It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for important clients and valuable employees. In addition, they are perfect giveaways for any company event. Whatever the occasion, a bottle of wine is always a great gift idea.

How a personalised bottle of wine can help your business

How a personalised bottle of wine can help your business

It is a cutthroat environment. Every company with the same target market is fighting for the same customers. Every marketing campaign is designed to make the business stand out amidst its competition. It should highlight what makes the company unique and what it offers that the others do not have.

Promotional gifts carry the brand name of a business. Therefore, how the recipients perceive the gift will be how they perceive the company. That said, promotional gifts must represent businesses the way they want to be represented.

Choosing personalised wine bottles for promotional gifts is practical. Here are more reasons why it makes an ideal corporate gift.

1. It speaks of class.

A good bottle of wine speaks of class and being cultivated. Giving someone a personalised bottle of wine means the giver looks at the recipient with the same regard.

The gift exudes an air of being cultured, so the recipient will be convinced that the brand is also top-tier. It makes the brand look expensive and something that everyone aspires to associate with.

2. It is not generic.

A personalised bottle of wine is never generic. No matter that the sender is giving everyone on the receiving list the same thing, a bottle of wine is a thoughtful gift. It lasts for a long time, and almost every abled adult can enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.

3. It can be shared with other people.

Unlike other corporate gifts, a customised bottle of wine can be shared with friends, colleagues, families, and clients. When a visitor comes in and the recipient presents the wine with a customised label, he is also showing off the brand and company name. When he shares the bottle with colleagues, he is also promoting the brand.

4. It boosts brand recall.

The customised wine label is a great way to encourage brand recall and recognition. Sending a personalised gift, with a greeting that is appropriate for the occasion, also shows appreciation for the recipient. Whether client, partner, or employee, appreciated people will always react positively to the company and the brand.

5. It shows professionalism.

With corporate gifts, nothing screams professional more than a bottle of wine with a customised label. It sets the right tone for the brand and the business, making it look luxurious. A personalised bottle of wine stands out among customised pens, notebooks, and caps.

6. It is a subtle marketing tool.

With a bottle of wine and a customised label, the giver achieves subtlety. The customised label design must be appropriate for a bottle of wine and its size. Therefore, one can never go overboard with the personalised label. It is not loud, and the recipient will not be conscious of carrying it or displaying it at the office.

7. It will remind the recipient of quality and good emotions.

Sipping a high-quality wine made from the best vineyards in Australia brings to mind happy and relaxed days. When the recipient sips the wine, she associates warm and good feelings with the brand. For instance, red wine makes people feel calm and relaxed.

People who receive the gift will relate the brand with excellent quality. Since corporate gifts are an extension of the brand itself, whatever the recipient feels about the gift will most likely resonate with the brand.

8. Create customised labels that reflect the company’s image.

When designing customised labels for personalised wine bottles, it is essential to reflect the image that the company wants to convey. The design should also be appropriate for the occasion.

Before choosing the label design, decide on a theme. Will it be a classic, fun, modern, or vintage wine label? The theme must also match the wine, as well as the company’s culture. Once a theme has been chosen, designing and customising the label to promote the brand comes next.

Contact Wine Design for your customised wine bottle label needs.

From corporate events, giveaways, gifts, and personalised gifts, to wedding souvenirs, Wine Design is here to help you. You can select from our range of wines, sparkling wines, and spirits for your corporate labelled gifts. We create and customise labels that match your brand, company culture, and preference. Contact us now on 1300 798 098 or, and let us discuss how we can help your business stand out from the competition.

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