Corporate Wine Gifts: A guide to impressing clients and colleagues

Get corporate wine gifts that elicit the most positive response from your recipients.

Receiving a physical gift elicits positive feelings from the recipient. It triggers the Endowment Effect, an event where a person puts value on a thing they own. It puts an emotional or symbolic significance to the item and its giver. In effect, it creates a positive brand association.

Corporate gift-giving is essential in businesses. It does not only refer to gifting preferred and prospective clients. It also refers to gifting colleagues and professional partners; of course, giving the right gift matters as much as the method of giving.

Here are the reasons why corporate gift-giving is necessary.

  • It connects the recipient to the giver, no matter the geographical location.
  • It reinforces the brand.
  • It maintains relationships and puts the giver in the minds of the recipients.
  • It sets the giver apart from the competition.
Why choose corporate wine gifts

Why choose corporate wine gifts?

One of the most popular corporate gifts is a bottle of wine with custom labels. A bottle of good wine knows no gender. Wine is always a good idea, whether the recipient is male or female.

It also makes a good conversation starter. For example, if the recipient has a guest to whom he offers the wine, seeing the bottle with the customised label can lead to conversations about the brand.

A customised bottle of wine works for any occasion. It can be a birthday, anniversary, thank you, Christmas, or welcome gift. It is also a perfect congratulatory, incentive, and promotional gift. People enjoy drinking wine to celebrate any occasion.

With wine, there is no need to worry if the recipient already has it. That’s because it is a consumable gift that is always welcome in any home and office.

A guide to impressing clients and colleagues with wine

A guide to impressing clients and colleagues with wine

When giving gifts, it is vital to shift the focus to the intended recipients. However, it is not enough to simply give out bottles of wine. A gift has to be thoughtful to make the receiver feel appreciated.

Here are some gift-giving tips that could help businesses stand out from the competition.

1. Customise the label.

When customising the label for a wine bottle, one does not simply plaster on the company’s brand logo. Again, the gift must be focused on the intended recipient.

Who will be the recipient?

Think about who will receive the bottle when designing the label. Will they prefer minimalistic and modern designs, or will they likely respond more to the classic and old-timey layouts and elements? Get to know the intended recipients first and their preferences. Remember that a better thought-out gift will likely receive more positive reactions.

What is the occasion?

For a more personalised feel, customise the label according to the occasion. For instance, is it for the company anniversary or the recipient’s birthday? Perhaps, it will be during Christmas or to welcome the New Year? Is the gift intended to thank a client? Maybe it will be handed as welcome gift to a new employee?

Design the wine label appropriately for the occasion. This way, sending out gifts that feel perfunctory and generic can be avoided. It also makes the gift more thoughtful and meaningful, which will more likely elicit a genuinely positive response.

Of course, when designing the label, ensure that the brand stands out without being too loud. There is grace in subtlety, making the gift look a tad bit classier.

2. Give high-quality wine.

It is not enough that the bottle label is impressive. The content of the bottle must also make a great impression. Choose a producer with an excellent track record in producing high-quality and flavourful wines. In addition, the wine should have matured and be ready to drink should the recipient decide to open it immediately for a sip.

To make the wine more unforgettable, choose a wine that is not readily available in shops and grocery stores. It will make the gift more special and impressive. It will also give the brand an exclusive and high-end appeal.

Choose a supplier that provides a wide range of high-quality wines. It would make choosing the wine easier.

3. Presentation matters.

Do not just hand out bottles of customised wine — presentation is important when it comes to corporate gifts. It’s the first step in creating that great impression on the recipient.

Make sure that the bottle is packaged professionally. For example, wooden boxes will make the gift look more expensive and is much better if the giver wants to leave a more lasting impression. A basket with a stylish bow will also make great packaging. The recipients can then keep the basket as a keepsake or repurpose it for their own use. Basically, just avoid packing it in sloppy and generic paper bags.

4. Make it a wine package.

Going beyond giving a personalised bottle of wine is also not bad. One good idea is to consider is gifting a wine package. Throw in a note addressed to the recipient, a coupon, and a wine glass to go with the bottle. Just remember that what is in the package should be consistent with the main gift and the brand.

The company can also include its own products or samplers that will complement the bottle of wine.

5. Choose local wines.

Make the gift more meaningful by choosing wines from local vineyards and wineries. Go for a supplier that works with local producers. The Hunter Valley region is known for its wide range of wines, which include the Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Supporting local businesses is an excellent way to establish partnerships and maintain sustainability. It will also be less costly since there will be no expensive freight and transport costs. This means that the giver can spend more on the quality of the gift.

Contact Wine Design for your personalised wine bottles

Contact Wine Design for your personalised wine bottles.

Personalised wine bottles make lovely gifts and giveaways. Let Wine Design help you create the best corporate gift that you can give. We will take care of the label design to make your brand stand out. We also work with the best wine suppliers to provide the finest wines in the region. Call us now on 1300 798 098 or via this contact page, and let us know how we can assist you.

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