Personalised Gifts for Corporate Events

Show your guests your appreciation with personalised giveaways.

Corporate events are an excellent avenue to make your business known. They are also where you can thank your clients for patronising your business. A well-thought-out personalised gift would tell them about how much you value them.

8 personalised gift ideas you can consider for your corporate event

Choose from hundreds of personalised gift products for your corporate events. The list below provides you with the typical functional items, as well as innovative and fun products that your clients and prospects will love and remember you for.

Car accessories

Car accessories

1.     Car accessories

Some of us spend so much time in our cars, whether sitting in endless traffic or taking a long drive. Sometimes, we rely on certain things to keep us company, including music and conversations with family or friends. However, there are so much more that can help make these drives bearable, such as:

  • Sunshade – The sunshade covering the windscreen protects the steering wheel, dashboard and seats from getting too hot, keeping the temperature inside the car from rising. Many people use this, especially when parking in an open space in during the day.
  • Car bucket wet tissue – This can come pretty handy when you touched something sticky or slimy and can’t wash your hands immediately.
  • Car bucket dry tissue – This can be used to wipe dry spilled drinks and even your tears.
  • Car emergency tool – This has a pointed steel head that can shatter glass easily. It is also sharp enough to cut the seat belt during an emergency.
  • Car charger – This can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, power banks and anything else that can be charged through USB.
  • Boot organiser – It helps keep the car tidy.
  • Mobile phone holder – It comes in magnetic, vent-mount and other varieties.
  • Small emergency kit – The kit may contain a torch, jumper leads, pop-up traffic cone, high visibility vest, and tow rope.
  • Tyre gauge – This ensures that your tyres have the right pressure that can help reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission.
  • Visor note pad – It is a small note pad and pen set that attaches to your car visor. This is handy when you need to jot something down in a hurry.

With more than 20 million registered motor vehicles in Australia as of January 31, 2021, these car accessories are some of the best personalised gifts you can hand out during corporate events. Most of them can be printed on, while some work best with engraving. Either way, you can give your company name, logo or even a lot of exposure.



2.     Clocks

People are always looking at the time. What better way to get your company seen than to have it printed on clocks? You can choose from many different types of clocks for your corporate event’s personalised gifts, such as:

  • Alarm clock and pen holder – This is a useful item to have on someone’s desk.
  • Wall clock – It’s available in a variety of colours and designs.
  • Clock and luggage tag travel set – This will come in handy for those who are always travelling.
  • Clock and business card holder – It is an office desk staple.
  • World time clock – This is helpful for people who work in different time zones.
  • Clock and photo frame – It’s popular amongst married people and those with kids.
  • Travel alarm clock – This is handy and useful whilst travelling.
  • Wall clock chalkboard organiser – It adds character to any room or office.
Wine accessories

Wine accessories

3.     Wine accessories

Wine makes a classy, all-around gift. You shouldn’t think twice about choosing these wine accessories for your corporate event gifts.

  • Personalised wine bottles – a unique gift that represents excellent value. These corporate labelled wines are handpicked from a carefully curated list of wineries in the Hunter Valley Region.
  • Wine bag – This can be made from a variety of materials, including synthetic leather.
  • Leather wine carrier – an elegant gift for your best clients.
  • Wine opener – It’s a real necessity at home or at the office.
  • Wine block – This can include wine collars, pourer, stopper, corkscrew and thermometer. The wooden block organiser is a beautiful addition to this amazing gift set.
  • Wine charms – They are a charming way to discern one wine glass from another.

Candles and scents

4.     Candles and scents

Candles do not only set the mood and make a room smell nice; they are also packaged nicely and come in many different scents. You can choose from the following for your corporate event:

  • scented candles
  • travel candles
  • LED candles
  • reed diffuser
  • aroma diffuser

First aid and safety products

5.     First aid and safety products

Many people carry these products in their bags each day. If you choose these products as your personalised gifts for your corporate event, you are saying that you care about the safety and well-being of your customers. Here are examples of first aid and safety products:

  • hand sanitiser
  • face masks
  • bandage dispenser
  • first aid kits
  • hand warmer
  • infrared thermometer
  • hot and cold packs

You can mix and match any of these items to create the ideal gift set for your corporate event.

Personal gift items

6.     Personal gift items

A lot of products can fall into this category. There is no strict definition of these gift items, and anything can be included as long as they are for personal use. Some of these products are:

  • cardholders
  • travel wallets
  • small notebook covers
  • journal gift sets
  • lint remover sticks
  • money clips
  • lip balms
  • colouring tote and drawstring bags

Beach products

7.     Beach products

The beach is one of the best places to be noticed. Therefore, beach products are some of the best products to put your name, logo or event information on:

  • beach chair with cooler bag
  • beach towels
  • pop-up beach shelter


8.     Coolers

Another way to get maximum exposure for your business is by utilising this form of mobile advertisement. Coolers attract great attention, especially if the weather calls for refreshing cold drinks. You can choose from these types of coolers to suit your purpose:

  • can cooler
  • bottle cooler
  • wine cooler
  • collapsible cooler
  • cooler bag stool
  • cooler box
  • floating cooler
  • insulated cooler tote bag
  • lunch bag

Wine Design offers elegant personalised wine bottle gifts

Choosing the right gifts can add to the success of your corporate event. Our personalised wine bottles make unique, classy gifts that give excellent value for your money. Talk to us at 1300 798 098 to know more about what we can offer you, or fill out our enquiry form today.

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