Impress your clients with the perfect personalised gifts

How you can make an impression and increase brand recall

Giving gifts to clients means you appreciate them, their business or their partnership. Choosing something they will want to keep or use takes some thought, but it is a sure-fire way to make a big impact on your clients. Impress your clients with the perfect personalised gifts, and you’re on the right path to nurturing your relationship with them.

10 personalised gifts for your clients

Choose from this list of thoughtful and valuable gifts to impress your clients.

Personalised gift boxes

1. Personalised gift boxes

Choosing a gift that you think your client can be made more personal with a customised gift box. You can print a name or logo on the box that you will use to pack the gift in. You can also attach photos and write a message inside. Your clients will surely appreciate this level of personalisation that shows how much you have given it thought.

Personalised wine bottles

2. Personalised wine bottles

For some people, having a glass of wine at the end of the day helps them to unwind and relax. For these clients, personalised wine bottles make the perfect gift. You can customise the label with their name. There’s no better way to cap off the day or celebrate an occasion with a bottle of wine with your name on it.

You can add your company’s name and what it does to the personalised wine label. This can help with brand recall, enabling your clients to think of your company every time they take out the bottle for a nightcap.

Customised wine glasses

3. Customised wine glasses

Want your clients to feel extra special? Pair customised wine glasses with personalised wine bottles. Choose large stemless wine glasses to complete the gift. You can customise each glass by engraving a name and a year. It is simple but elegant and absolutely timeless. This tells your client that you are not just giving a gift because it is expected. The personal touch tells them how much you value them instead. These elegant wine glasses can also be given as a stand-alone gift; your clients will love them nonetheless.

Personalised stickers

4. Personalised stickers

A sticker makes a great personalised gift. Imagine having your stickers on your customer’s laptop, a phone case, a water bottle, a journal, or even on a car. Many more people will see them, thanks to your clients. This stick-on can certainly turn into a conversation starter between your patrons and other people in a coffee shop or on the street.

Desktop mini plants or succulents

5. Desktop mini plants or succulents

Adorable mini plants are perfect for all types of clients. Cacti and other succulents are available in bright-coloured pots that can make your clients’ desks look livelier.

These plants are low maintenance, so even those who have not been gifted with a green thumb or do not have the time to maintain plants on a daily basis can enjoy them on their desks for a long time. It’s a quirky way of reminding them of your business relationship and your thoughtfulness.

Gourmet coffee or special tea blends

6. Gourmet coffee or special tea blends

Nobody says no to coffee, especially if it’s something that can’t be bought at just any store. Add a personal touch to your gift by creating your own basket of premium coffee beans roasted by a local supplier. For your clients who don’t drink coffee, you can scour Sydney, Hunter Valley and the entire New South Wales for special tea blends from the best tea houses in this area.

Fancy coffee mugs, tea cups and tumblers

7. Fancy coffee mugs, tea cups and tumblers

You might think that there is nothing special about coffee mugs, tea cups, and tumblers. You’re not wrong, if you are thinking about those cheap mugs where businesses put their logo on the side.

However, sending your clients some high-end, high-quality coffee mugs, tumblers, or porcelain tea cup sets will change this perception. They come in fancy designs and are very useful and reusable – the perfect personalised gift for those who care about the planet and are conscious of sustainability.

Gift boxes (non-food)

8. Gift boxes (non-food)

People generally resort to giving sweets and treats, especially around the holidays. It is a sweet and thoughtful gesture, until you start receiving a gift box from everyone you know. Your clients most likely feel the same way, so you don’t want to add to their already piling-up sweets gift boxes. Instead, you can get creative in curating your gift box. For example, board game gift boxes are unique, while you can get a laugh from some clients with a fun sock collection.


The idea is to pick fun but useful things that will last for quite some time. That way, your client will remember you every time they use or see your gift.

Books for the coffee table

9. Books for the coffee table

Gift clients with books about their personal interests such as sports, photography, travel, or even their city and industry. Look for books they could display in their sitting area, office desk or coffee table. This can serve as a conversation starter for years to come. A personalised message inside can make you a part of these conversations.

Donate to a charity in your client’s name

10. Donate to a charity in your client’s name.

Nothing can get more personal than donating to a charity on behalf of your client. This can be particularly significant, especially if you choose a charity that your client supports. So, it is important to know what missions and causes they are involved in.

For example, you can support a local museum or a children’s arts organisation if your client loves the arts. You can plant some trees on their behalf if they are into supporting the environmental conservation. You can also sponsor a child for your client at a local children’s charity. The possibilities are endless, and your client will thank you for it.

Wine Design has the perfect personalised gifts for you.

Personalised wine bottles are a no-fuss yet thoughtful gift that your clients will appreciate. At Wine Design, we can customise these gifts with any name, logo or message for each client. We are located in the Hunter Valley, so we have access to a wide range of wine suppliers. Call us at 1300 798 098 to let us know what you are looking for, or email us at for a quotation.

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