How to Custom Print Labels to Make Your Brand More Recognisable

Make your labels stand out with these branding and design hacks

Even though many people are already familiar with your products, your labels should stay recognisable. They should be clear and able to catch the attention of new customers. Labels with striking clarity will be able to help your products become more visible so that they easily pop out even in a sea of similar products. For example, customers can spot personalised wine bottles whose labels have a coherent colour scheme and legibility.

How can you make your product label stick out?

How can you make your product label stick out?

Labels do not have to be messy and complicated to stick out. A simple, well-put-together label will do the trick to make your brand stick. Here are ways that can help you to improve the clarity of your product label to make your brand more recognisable.

Consider using graphic arts.

Complex graphics and photo images don’t always do a product label good. Rather than a high-resolution image of your logo, consider utilising a non-photorealistic rendering of your logo. Cel shading (or toon shading) is a technique that makes 3-D images appear flat but more striking and contrasting. A cel-shaded logo is more powerful than a regular image of your logo, and it can attract the eyes of customers better. In addition, it gives the render a paper-like texture characteristic of comic book and cartoon images.

Use contrasting tones and colours

Colours and tones play an important role in determining the effectiveness of a product label. So, choose contrasting colours (those on the opposite sides of the colour wheel) and contrasting tones (light versus dark). This technique makes a label pop, which can catch the attention of customers looking to try your product for the first time. It can also help those who have already tried your product easily spot the label as they are browsing through the shelves.

Labels for personalised wine bottles, for instance, can have a cluster of purple grapes set against a yellow background. Placing the green stems of the grapes against a red sky background will make the composition even more striking.

Clarity of text

When it comes to product labels, a highly legible text is just as important as the artwork. The right fonts can make your label look professional instead of amateurish and compelling instead of unremarkable. Instead of choosing a cursive font (which sometimes works), using a standard font will make your label more readable. This is important so that buyers glancing at labels will be able to see your products quickly.

Choosing a font that fits your product’s character or flavour is also crucial. For example, Helvetica is bold and is perfect for products associated with courage, power, or strength. On the other hand, Baskerville looks authoritative and official. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for products that should look smart and sharp, such as coffee and health food.

Make use of white space

White space is often the most underutilised design element because it is perceived as an irrelevant empty space. What many don’t realise, is that white space creates visual harmony and can guide readers to look from one element to another.

White space is an essential part of a design that can emphasise label clarity and make it look great by:

  • creating more interaction and preventing distractions
  • balancing your label design
  • separating unrelated elements in your design

Engage the reader

Engage the reader

A stand-out design alone will not be enough to persuade a buyer to purchase your product. So, to get them to buy, your label should contain information that will entice them to try your product. This information could tell your prospective buyer about how your products are made from more superior ingredients. Or it could tell a story about how your product started.

“Talking” to the reader about your product and its origin is a good technique to engage them. However, this part is a bit tricky, considering that you must study the profile of your target buyers carefully. For example, are they more likely to be influenced by an appeal to their sense of logic, or are they the type to be swayed by appealing to their emotions? These factors should help you decide what kind of content and tone of voice to use on the label.

Create unique labels that last

Stickers are a great way to customise your label. You can choose from a variety of shapes that fit your product perfectly. There are waterproof stickers that can also stand extreme changes in temperature, as well as durable vinyl stickers that can be crafted to reflect the personality or characteristics of your business.

Die-cut paper sticker labels are the way to go if you want something unique. They can be made into any shape you want, such as wine bottles, coffee cups and flowers. They make fun collectible items for your customers as well.

Get proof of your designs

Get proof of your designs

Before committing to a full printing job, ask for proof of your label. That’s because you cannot be sure of the final output no matter how much time and care you put into the design until you look at it. Also, with so many label materials to choose from, you will want to see the paper colour, sheen, and texture of each material. That way, you can also make changes to your design to improve the overall appeal of your label.

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