Best Fonts for Wedding Wine Labels

Fonts that will mesmerise your guests on your special day.

For many people, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event. They want everything to be perfect, from the bride’s wedding gown and the ceremony decoration to the wedding reception and giveaways. If you have decided to say ‘thank you’ to your guests with bottles of wine, there are ways to make them eye-catching to match everything that you have carefully planned. One such way is by choosing the right font for the label.

13 of the best fonts to use for wedding wine labels

13 of the best fonts to use for wedding wine labels

Hundreds of fonts are readily available for any application, but only a few are appropriate for weddings. Here are some fonts that can complement any mood, vibe or theme you have going for your wedding when you use these fonts on your wine bottle labels.

1. Recherche

Recherche is a sophisticated, airy script font that features more than 100 swash alternates. With a full set of upper- and lower-case characters, Recherche is one of the best fonts for wedding wine labels, wedding invitations, cards and menus.

2. Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine is a rounded, bouncy script font. A little bit thick, this font makes it easy to cut with a cutting machine or to use digitally for branding, product designs, web, and so much more. It is playful and will add some fun to your wedding wine labels. It features a complete set of upper- and lower-case letters and special characters.

3. Great Vibes

Great Vibes is another beautiful font that is making a noise in wedding wine labels. It was designed by Rob Leuschke of TypeSETit. Great Vibes is clean and elegant, with a style that is consistent and connected. It comes in a single style with more than 400 characters. The serifs use beautiful, neat curves similar to early 19th-century calligraphy that can make your wine bottles an eye-catching wedding souvenir item that your guests will appreciate.

4. Tangerine

Tangerine is one of those fonts you have most likely seen on wine bottle labels. It is a calligraphy font inspired by italic chancery typefaces from the 16th and 17th centuries. Its tall ascenders and wide line spaces in between letters give Tangerine a graceful, clean look that flows smoothly without looking too awkward or modern.

Tangerine illustrates a cheerful candour; therefore, it can work best on wine labels. It will take advantage of a clean background, making your name pop out from the wedding wine label.

This font was designed by Monotype UK’s Toshi Omagari, who named it after the woman who motivated him to begin working with fonts.

5. P22 Cezanne

P22 Cezanne is a realistic and elegant script font that celebrates the work of Paul Cezanne, an influential French artist. A faithful rendition of the artist’s handwriting, it was created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art by P22 Type Foundry. By using this font on your wedding wine bottles, you will be giving your product artistic elegance.

6. Kathaline

Kathaline is a natural script font that will look stunning on wedding invitations, seating cards, thank you cards, and, yes, especially on your wedding wine bottles. It is trendy and distinct and will add charm to any product.

7. Chriselda

Chriselda is a calligraphy font that showcases a mixture of vintage and modern touches. It features elaborate beginning and ending swashes that are elegant and sophisticated. It is a beautiful script font for wedding designs, product labels, photography, stationery, invitation, watermark, and so much more. Using Chriselda on your wedding wine labels will make it look more special.

8. Dearlove

Dearlove is an elegant modern script font that was inspired by a classic calligraphy. Its impeccable form makes it suitable for stationery, photography, advertisements and watermark, as well as products related to weddings and other special events. And as the name suggests, Dearlove is also romantic and can impart that emotion through your wedding wine labels.

9. Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo font comes in five interchangeable variants or in a complete set that includes an elaborate font aptly called Monte Cristo Extras. With up to 38 variations in the lowercase and at least four in the uppercase, the possibilities with the Monte Cristo font are huge. It is perfect for fun designs, and it will make your wedding wine bottles more prominent.

10. Norando

Norando is both modern and elegant, playful and expressive. It carries a bold weight, making it perfect for highlighting a special event such as a wedding. It has many alternatives and ligatures combined gracefully and harmoniously, making it an attractively versatile font. Norando offers many options and alternatives that will make your project unique.

11. Romanson

Romanson is a modern serif font that is both stunning and elegant. It has more than 200 uppercase and 27 lowercase alternatives and 51 ligatures. Play with them until you see something unique to use on your wedding wine labels. This versatile font can elevate any design idea that you have.

12. Heart & Salsa

Heart & Salsa is a cheerful handwritten font designed by Fikryal Studio. It is modern and rustic at the same time, and it can evoke a warm fuzzy feeling. Use the Heart & Salsa font on your wedding wine bottles to help immortalise your special day.

13. Steffinela

Steffinela is a soft handwritten font that was carefully created to portray a magical feel. It is a modern, elegant and romantic script font with an authentic handwritten feel. Use Steffinela to create gorgeous wedding invitations, lovely stationery, cute greeting cards and many more. Your wedding wine label will surely catch attention with this sweet, beautiful font.

Steffinela is PUA encoded, which means you can easily access the flourishes, swirly lines and other special characters through Windows and Mac.

Get your wedding wine from Wine Design.

Get your wedding wine from Wine Design.

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