Giveaway Ideas for your Corporate Events in Winter

Make your clients and customers feel extra special this winter.

Australian winters can get really chilly, especially if it catches you unaware. That is why products that can keep you warm and toasty are great giveaway items during your corporate event. Some promotional items are also meant to keep germs and viruses at bay so that you and the people around you do not catch a cold or flu during these cold months.

Whether you decide on beanies, coffee mugs, or jackets, you can make the most of these giveaway items to promote your company and your corporate event.

Four giveaway ideas for your winter corporate events

Whether you’re into sports, hiking or travelling, you’ll find promotional items that best suit your corporate events.

Products that will keep you warm

1. Products that will keep you warm

Plenty of stylish garments and accessories that will keep you nice and warm, while ensuring that your business is seen.

  • Hoodies

These are a great way to keep you warm, and your business noticed. You can choose from either zip-up or pullover types. Zip-up hoodies are perfect when you need to layer up for those cold winter days. Pullover hoodies are great for pleasantly sunny winter days.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of materials, such as 100% polyester, cotton and fleece. They also come with a range of features, including quick drying, anti-wrinkling, anti-pilling and breathable. Whatever type or material you choose, be sure to print your logo or slogan to give your company and corporate event maximum exposure.

  • Beanies

The beanie is your perfect giveaway item if you don’t want to worry about different sizes. It is unisex, too, and one size fits most. It comes in a variety of materials, including polar fleece, wool and acrylic. Depending on the material of your choice, you can either have your logo printed or embroidered on these beanies. In addition, they come in various colours, so you can be sure that there is something that best represents your brand or identity.

  • Jackets

Impressing your clients is one way of getting more of their business, and there’s no better way to impress than to give them stylish jackets. Whether it’s a storm jacket, a wellington jacket or a bomber jacket, it will surely make an impression on your clients.

  • Scarves

These products come in various materials to suit your budget and style. They are also one of the cheapest yet functional giveaway items, so you can make your business be seen without going over your budget. Polar fleece, cotton and acrylic are some of the more popular materials for scarves, which you can request in many different colours.

Products that will help to keep you healthy

2. Products that will help to keep you healthy

Surviving winter is not just about keeping warm. You also need protection from disease-causing germs and everything else that could harm you. These promotional products will help to keep you safe and healthy. They are handy, and most will fit in your bag and pocket.

  • Hand sanitisers

These usually come in small containers so you can take them anywhere with you. Hand sanitisers come in handy, especially if you are in a location where washing your hands is not possible. They are available in various scents, so you can choose one that you think your clients will like.

  • Lip balms

Cold weather and exposure to wind can cause lips to chap. While this is not life-threatening, chapped lips can be quite uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Lip balms will help to protect you from having to experience this. You can carry them around even if you are not bringing a bag. They also fit easily in small purses and can even be chucked into your pocket. Lip balms come in different flavours, so find one that best suits your company’s image.

  • Face mists

Misting is something that needs to be done during winter. It prevents skin from becoming dry. Ultra-dry skin can crack and, in some cases, bleed. Face mists, just like regular moisturisers, can keep skin hydrated and looking plump during the cooler months.

  • Personalised wine bottles

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is rarely seen in Australia. However, many Australians report that they feel sluggish and bleak in winter. This is where wine comes in. Researchers have found that drinking wine in moderation may reduce the risk of depression. So, you should include personalised labelled wine on your list of giveaway items for your and your clients’ mental health. We’re sure that many of those who attend your corporate event will love you for it.

Products that can help you recover from a cold

3. Products that can help you recover from a cold

Catching a cold in winter is sometimes inevitable. To ensure your customers and colleagues are ready, give them something that can help them recover fast. These giveaway products are helpful when you are sick or recovering.

  • Hot packs

Warm compresses or hot packs help increase blood flow to the sinuses, thus, aiding the body to rid it of congestion. Giving away hot packs printed or stamped with your logo is a good way of letting your customers know you care.

  • Pillboxes

These little boxes will help keep your pills organised, so you don’t have to worry about missing a dose or taking too much. You can have them in your corporate colour or printed with your logo.

Wellness products

4. Wellness products

You can help your customers achieve a healthy lifestyle with these promotional products.

  • Fitness mats

Whether or not they are into yoga, your customers will find fitness mats useful. They can use it while they are stretching, planking or meditating.

  • Water bottles

These will keep them hydrated while exercising, whether indoor or outdoor.

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