2019 Customised Wine Bottle Trends

2019 Customised Wine Bottle Trends - Wine Bottle

If you ask someone to think of wine and describe it to you, chances are they would say something about wine in a cylindrical bottle with a beautiful label and exceptional taste. Many people are much familiar with cylindrical wine bottle shape. But back in the 17th and 18th centuries when glass wine bottles and cork were first introduced in the wine market, the shape used to be either flat or bulbous.

In the 19th century, however, the glass bottle changed. People then began moulding it in an elongated cylindrical shape. This change happened for practical reasons as the new shape allowed the bottle to be stored on its side, plus it is believed that it is much easier for the glass blowers to produce a cylindrical shape rather than the flat or globular-shaped ones.

At present, many winemakers are changing the way wine is being packaged. Taking into account the environment and lifestyle of their consumers, they are choosing an avant-garde style of wine packaging.

2019 Customised Wine Bottle Trends - Wine Bottle

The current trend: boxed and canned wines

Nowadays, it not uncommon to see wines in cans and boxes whilst you breeze through the wine section of the supermarket. Yes, you read that right – cans and boxes. Some oenophiles may gasp at the utter blasphemy against their beloved vino, but put down your cut crystal and read carefully: canned wine is elegant.

Thousands of years back, after fermenting wines in oak barrels or clay jars, it was poured into metal carafes and savoured. In fact, this tradition of serving wine in carafes is still being practiced in major wine producing regions in the world.

While some of you may now agree that canned wines can be classy, and may now be thinking of having some on your next camping trip, it is quite understandable if you think boxed wine is something else. Wine in a box has a bad reputation. For many years it has been considered bad wine in an ugly box. Or is that still true?

2019 Customised Wine Bottle Trends - Wine Bottle

The pursuit of practicality and minimalism

It is easy to judge something based on its packaging, and wine is no different. We all know that presentation matters a lot in most things. But in this age when we put a premium on practicality and convenience, the simple approach is always welcome. And simplicity does not always equate to inferiority.

There are good and bad wines, whether in a bottle, can, or box. A crummy wine is a crummy wine, even though it came from a beautiful dark bottle with a regal-looking label. A wine that came from a can or box may or may not be good taste-wise. It all boils down to knowing first what you are going to buy, and perhaps some trial and error.

Bottled wine is still preferred for formal occasions because of the aesthetic appeal. But for all the other wine drinking moments, a canned or boxed wine may be a better choice for the following reasons:

1. They cost less.

Boxed and canned wines cost less than their bottled counterparts because it costs less to produce box and can than bottles.

2. They are convenient.

They are easier to take anywhere without worrying they might break; canned wine does not require a glass, just pop the tab and enjoy!

3. They offer portion control.

A standard bottle of wine holds 750 millilitres; for canned wine, it is 375 millilitres; a single-serve box of boxed wine has 250 millilitres. As you can see, it is easier to consume wine in moderation that comes from smaller packages, as they don’t commit you into finishing more than what you intend to drink.

2019 Customised Wine Bottle Trends - Wine Bottle

4. Canned wine lasts longer.

Corks can be susceptible to fungal growth, which can contaminate the wine and make it bad. Boxed and canned wines have zero risk of cork taint. Vacuum-sealed boxed wine can last up to six weeks in the fridge after being opened.

5. They are more environment-friendly.

It requires less energy to produce cardboard and aluminium can than glass, and vineyards that box and can their wines cut their carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50%.

Whether you choose the boxed, canned, or bottled wine, the most important thing is that you enjoy the moment – and the company you share the wine and moment with!

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