How To Select The Best Red Wine

After a long winding day, a glass of red wine is the biggest sensory pleasure one can indulge in. People across the world enjoy the sophisticated taste and richness of flavours that a well-crafted wine can provide. It doesn’t matter whether you are a wine maker, enthusiast, sommelier, or simply someone who enjoys a glass or two, a wine provides the greatest range of pleasure and relaxation among its spirited counterparts (without any discrimination to anyone who wishes it).

Wine has been produced for thousands of years and plays an important role not just in social events but religious ceremonies too. As the general knowledge about wine goes, it is an alcoholic drink produced from fermented grapes. There are several varieties of wine and this variety stems from the types of grapes and strains of yeast that consumes sugar from the grapes and turns it into carbon dioxide, ethanol, and heat.

How To Select The Best Red Wine - Red Wine

About Red Wine

As the name implies, red wine comes from different varieties of red grapes. In the process of extracting colour and flavour from the skin of the grapes, different forms and colours (yes colours) of red wine are produced. A typical red wine can be deep red, violet, and even brown, appropriately classified as mature, young and old respectively. The prominent red colour comes from Anthocyan pigments present in the skin of the grapes.

How To Select The Best Red Wine - Red Wine

How To Select a Red Wine

If you are hosting a party or simply a small get-together of friends and red wine is on the food list, selecting the best possible red wine can present a few headaches. The beginners especially, can have a tough time selecting the right kind of red wine from almost a mind-boggling variety that exists. To make the right decision, we suggest tasting the different varieties and also getting acquainted with which kind of wine goes best with a particular kind of food. Also, when tasting, do not feel overwhelmed by various textures, aromas, and flavours. You’ll get better with it as you move on. Simply keep your mind open and pay attention to aromas and flavours you like or dislike.

How To Select The Best Red Wine - Red Wine

Start with the basics

If you are a beginner, start with something called varietals. It simply means that you are tasting only one type of wine instead of different blends. If you can’t make up your mind about the wine itself, try Pinot Noir. It is lighter, is less tannic, and has a less aggressive flavour profile making it suitable for the beginners.


This kind of wines are young and fruity. They are pale in colour and you can see through them when poured into a glass. Because they are less tannic, you can enjoy their neutral flavours. The foods they go best with are bread, cheese, and appetisers but you can essentially pair them with most foods. The wine we discussed above for beginners, Pinot Noir is a classic light body wine.


These wines are darker in colour and have a slightly more aggressive (in a good way, of course) flavour. It is due to the great balance of acidity and tannins in them. The foods they are best suited to are pasta, spaghetti, vegetables, and pizzas. Merlot and Zinfandel are classic medium-bodied wines that are favoured over the world for their exquisite flavours.


The full-bodied wines are dark red and totally opaque when poured into a glass. They have very complex flavour profiles owing to a large number of tannins present in them and are a delight for the wine connoisseurs. They go best with meats like steaks or any barbecued meat. Some of the finest examples of full body wine are Syrah, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

How To Select The Best Red Wine - Red Wine

Parting Notes

  • If you like, say the smell of cranberries and rose, select light bodied wines. If you like wines with a slightly heavy and peppery mouthful, opt for the full-bodied ones. If you wish the best of both worlds, go for the medium bodied wines.
  • Once you’ve selected and brought home the wine, don’t put it in a refrigerator. Red wine should never be chilled.
  • When you open the bottle, let it rest for 10-15 minutes, it allows the wine to contact air and open itself up expanding on the full flavor profile.
  • When you pour in into a glass, swirl it and then smell. You will distinctly feel the aroma. Similarly, when you drink it, let it sit in your mouth for a while, move it around, observe the flavor, the texture, and the level of acidity. All this enhances the pleasure associated with wine drinking.

Hopefully, this guide helps you select the best red wine for your own pleasure as also of your family and friends. Take this opportunity to begin an exciting journey towards discovering the best that the world of wines has to offer to its admirers.

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