Wine for an Australian Christmas

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Preferably, chilled, bubbly, and paired with seafood!

As Christmas advances, the northern hemisphere gets excited about warm eggnog and steaming hot mulled wine. While Europeans snuggle up in front of a fire with a nip of scotch to keep warm, these traditional Christmas beverages aren’t very appropriate for a Christmas period over thirty degrees Celsius. So, what should Australian’s drink over Christmas? What drinks do you get excited for as the holiday season arrives? We recommend chilled and bubbly beverages, frosty with condensation, to evoke the festive mood.

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How to match your Christmas menu with wine:

  • Lamb and Cabernet Sauvignon – The rich and layered flavours of Cab Sav complement the dark and intense meat. This is a heavier pairing for an Australian Christmas. A way to mitigate this is to keep this course small, balanced out by other lighter courses.
  • Ham and Sauvignon Blanc – For a traditional Christmas ham, choose Sauvignon Blanc’s acidity to neatly balance the salty meat.
  • Sparkling Shiraz and Turkey – Sparkling red wine is a very unique sparkling style, originally a French invention but now championed by Australian winemakers. Rich, ripe fruit flavours enhance the saltiness of the turkey while the sweetness of the cranberry sauce complements the wine’s fruitiness.
  • Seafood and Riesling – A crisp and cool Riesling goes down perfectly with delicate fish meats, prawns, and calamari. Another great pair to start off your afternoon in the sun!
  • Roast Pork and Pinot Noir – A delicate pinot noir with characteristically mushroomy, dark berry and smoky flavours elevates the essences of the salty pork meat.
  • BBQ and Rosé –Rosé is perfect for an Australian summer. Light dry rosé can be paired with seafood, while a sweeter rosé is better paired with desserts.
  • Champagne and Cheese – do you enjoy a cheese platter in the afternoon brilliance before a sunset evening meal? If so, kick-start your party with champagne: as bubbles tickle your guests’ noses, the fun is sure to begin. Or do you serve cheese the French way, after a main meal? In which case champagne joins the desert proceedings as people get excited for pudding.
  • Mince Pies and Port – A rich fruity port is the perfect match for the dried fruit flavours in a traditional mince pie. The pastry mediates the rich and syrupy nature of port. Serve port in small, delicate stemmed glasses as the evening winds down.

Have Fun!

The pairings above are a guide and can enhance your eating and drinking experience. However, remember that it’s Christmas…and drink what you like! Enjoy your time with family and friends your way. Have your favourites and go back for more if that will give you joy.

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Our Favourite Christmas drinks:

Bellini – peach juice and proseco or champagne

Ginger beer and freshly squeezed orange juice

Stone-fruit punch – combine sparking white wine, juice, and slithers of fruit

Mojitos – a refreshing cocktail for hot weather on any occasion

Frosé – feel young and enjoy this sweet ‘slushy for grown-ups’

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Planning an Event?

If you’re planning a business party, or a corporate Christmas function contact us to discuss your meal plan and ordering branded wine. If you want to give a personalised gift of wine or spirits for Christmas you’re in the right place. We specialise in designing bottle labels for your specific needs. Enjoy the festivities!

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