Use Your Own Creative Skills for Your Wedding

People Get Carried Away with Weddings – Learn to package it well

Even though it may be tempting, trying to better the last wedding you went to is not the way to go. The playing field will not be the same so don’t try and compete on it.  Your wedding should be unique and epitomise you and your partner. The best way to do that is for the two of you to come up with an experience that is special, one that celebrates the very essence of what the partnership is all about. Who better than the two of you to design and package it according to your distinct and newly formed brand. Nobody else needs to be in control. Getting married does not need to be an expensive– what it needs is your personal touch and energy.

diy wedding

So Here Are Some Tips in Getting Budget-Wise yet Creative on Your Wedding Day

  • Consider that you are starting off your married life as a brand – you have to build it and make it unique and special and that your guests will refer forever and as a most special experience.
  • Think of the marketing P’s: product, packaging, pricing, promoting, planning, and progressing thereafter!  The phases of your married life.
  • Plan strategically with the smallest budget – then adjust if necessary. Think of it as phase one – you don’t spend your entire marketing budget in phase one ever.
  • Be different! Stand out from the crowd in the way you package the whole experience.
  • Really identify who you want to share the day with – cut out those who, when you show the photos to your kids 15 years down the line, you say to yourselves: “who on earth were those people?” You may think you have 200 very best friends but. quite honestly, you can’t possibly!
  • Once honed – treat those special friends and family to a finely tuned, different experience. Something that they will remember forever.
  • Think about after the event, the phase two of your branding: your home, your lifestyle, your self- improvements, your careers and weigh up the costs of investing in those. Then think about the wedding expenses for the one special day.  It is a no-brainer as to where the emphasis should be. In marketing parlance – launch successfully within a set budget and then gradually extend the budget to bigger things.
  • Do you have to have a medieval over the top feast or will a simple style of catering do the job? Nobody remembers what they ate at a wedding unless it was completely different or ghastly!
  • It is not necessary to have over-the-top wines and champagnes – rather, have one or two special ones that fit in with your theme or your lifestyle and, of course, the budget.  You don’t offer dinner guests an array of different types of drinks, why do it at your wedding?  Again, nobody is going to mention the wine label you served unless it is completely unique.
  • Give special emphasis to personalising the experience to your guests – something they can take away with them as a memento. A seating card that can be turned into a bookmark, a bottle of wine with their name on it, your invitation that can be put into an album, etc.

Do The Following on Your Wedding Day and Your Guests will say: “It Was a Fantastically Creative and Unique Experience”

  1. Write your own wedding invitations.
  2. Get your flowers-arranging friends to help on the day before by asking them to bring as much greenery from their gardens along with as many of their vases/containers as possible.
  3. Wrap the greenery into bouquets with raffia to make them look professional and then arrange in all the different shapes and sizes of the borrowed vases. Use potted plants or trees if necessary.
  4. Have one big beautiful arrangement of flowers – that is all that is required and make sure it is centre stage.
  5. Use your friends or contacts for lighting – the old fashioned fairy lights in a garden work wonders.  Most people have some form of fancy Christmas lighting stored away – use them.
  6. Borrow a garden for the event or someone’s big home. Find a spot on a river or in a park – think differently.  People hate formal conference type venues – they want it personal and casual and no fuss.  Nobody really wants to travel away for a wedding – you may think it will be special, but trust me, your friends will not want to outlay that sort of money.  They would rather go local and spend more money on your wedding present.
  7. Ask your culinary friends to make the snacks – pay them of course.  Home-made soups, pates, ice-creams, the list is endless.
  8. Make your own wedding dress – this nonsense of an expensive dress to be worn once is simply stupid. Think about it carefully – and think about what that would cover for all other expenses you are going to be in for the phase two!
  9. Don’t have a big cake – that is so 1990s! People prefer tiramisu or good old-fashioned ice cream.
  10. Download all your favourite music and play it through your computer – you don’t need a DJ.
  11. Get everyone to take photos – and then form a Cloud Album so they can download onto that.
  12. Blow up some personalised balloons – they always make people happy.

This could go on and on.  Just remember that personalised is best – both for you and for your guests. Go back to basics and make sure that no-body says it was “same-old, same-old” to your wedding.  Be unique and stand out from the rest and don’t pay someone else to do the job when you can do it so easily. Search the internet for great ideas and by process of elimination between the two of you, you can come up with your own personalised creative wedding ideas.