The Joys of Wine and Chocolate

The Joys of Wine and Chocolate - wine

The Joys of Wine and Chocolate

Wine and chocolate are two of the best things life has to offer. Have you ever put the two together to experience that wonderful warm feeling that only this combination can give?

Following is a list of wines from well known local vineyards paired with tasty chocolate treats from the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company to try. Go on, get out there and experiment. You know you want to.

1. Peterson House + Sugar-Free Chocolate

Veterans of Sparkling wine and chocolate tastings will certainly vouch for this combination. The Peterson House Pinot Noir Chardonnay Voignier Reserve  is matched with the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Sugar Free Chocolate.

The wine has a floral aroma with a hint of green apple and pear to refresh the palate, which works very well with the Sugar-Free Belgian Milk Chocolate interlaced with Australian almonds. There are three other sugar-free chocolate types that are also available for your enjoyment. With this wonderful combination, you can have your chocolate and eat it too, guilt-free.

2. Draytons Wines + Chilli Chocolate

If you have a fondness for sensuous, strong flavours, then this is the combination for you.

The Draytons Hunter Valley Merlot has a fantastic violet colour with a delightful blackcurrant aroma. The palate has a full flavour with those silky tannins we all love. This is an ideal wine to match with spicy foods. With that said, bring on the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Chilli Bark Chocolate. This is thinly Spread Dark Belgian Chocolate Couverture combined with Chilli. The unique taste experience provided by this combination will have you clamouring for more.

3. McGuigan Wines + Dark Chocolate Infused with Raspberry

Now, this is one for those who adore strong fruit flavours. For this combination, we have the McGuigan Shortlist Shiraz. This is a classic, fruity Barossa Valley Shiraz with strong hints of mulberry and plum. This award-winning wine also has classic undertones of vanilla and spice. The ideal partner to this wine is the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Dark Block Infused with Raspberry. This is a Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture infused with pure fruit oil. This gives an amazing fruity sensation. This is definitely a winning combination.

4. Kevin Sobels Wines + Mint Chocolate

This combination is a true classic. For generations, people have completed the perfect meal with a glass of fortified wine and an after dinner mint chocolate.

Kevin Sobels Tawny is made from Cabernet and Shiraz grapes fortified with either brandy or SVR spirit. It is aged in oak barrels to produce a rich, smooth, easy to drink fortified wine. This has been partnered with the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Milk Chocolate Mint Thins. These are thinly Spread Belgian Chocolate Couverture Combined With Crispy Mint Candy and pure fruit oils. For the purists, this is also available in Dark Belgian Chocolate too. This combination will certainly bring back some treasured memories.

5. Tamburlaine Organic Wines + Choc Honeycomb

If you have a real sweet tooth, then this combination is highly recommended.

NV Wine Lovers Sweet Phoebe brings together the exotic aromas of orange blossoms and rose petals with a palate of citrus and honey to make a wonderful dessert style wine.

This is ideally partnered with Hunter Valley Chocolate Company Choc Honeycomb. This is milk chocolate coated Honeycomb Squares. We all grew up eating these and the good news is that they are also available in bulk. This combination is hard to go past.

6. Pokolbin Estate Wines + White Belgian Chocolate

This is an unusual combination for those with light-hearted, adventurous spirits. As a rule, it is ideal for the wine to be sweeter than the food it is paired with. In the case, the Reisling Solera fortified wine really fits the bill. It is made up of various riesling vintages with the addition of brandy. It has a light bouquet of raisins and almonds and is a great match for Chocolate. The perfect partner for this wine is the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company White Belgian Chocolate Block.

There is not much more we can say about this combination except it is a great taste sensation and is ideal for special occasions.

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