The Art of Wine Label Design: A Look at Creative Concepts

Some inspiration for your wine label’s design

Are you planning to give away a nice bottle of wine for your next party in Sydney? You’ve already decided if it’s red or white, imported or homegrown. The next thing for you to consider is wine label design. Believe it or not, it plays a big role in whether the recipient will love or hate the gift.

Why is wine label design important for giveaways?

Humans process and react to visual data better than other types of data. In fact, the majority of the information that the brain transmits is visual. It also processes images much faster than text.

This means that the brain takes shortcuts when judging a bottle of wine. A person instantly assumes its quality based on its wine label design. Whether from a famous vineyard in Hunter Valley or the nearby supermarket will come second.

This led to graphic designers creating labels that make a drinker connect more to the bottle of wine. The label will symbolise the wine’s character and relay an atmosphere, mood or emotion at the same time.

4 creative wine label designs in Australia

4 creative wine label designs in Australia

Do you feel stuck? Here are some great examples of Australian wine label designs that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

The Quest

The Knights Templar and their search for the Holy Grail served as inspiration for this design. It was created for Chalice Bridge Estate’s mid-tier range of wines to reflect their target positioning in the market better.

The designers from Studio Lost & Found teamed up with Skye Ogden from Tokyo for the illustrations. It honours their client’s limited collection of wines called The Chalice, which symbolises the Holy Grail of making wine.

Snake + Herring

Snake and Herring clearly knew what they wanted to accomplish when they started their wine project in 2011. This is why they sought the help of designer Braincells to create something that would surely stand out from the crowd.

The label depicts Snake and Herring soaring in a balloon made of grapes. They are seen to be looking for wines of exceptional quality. The full-bleed illustration has a storybook quality and is quite detailed. On the other hand, the top tier is more sophisticated, focusing on the balloon itself.

Neil Ashmead GTS

Elderton Wines of Australia customised a bottle for wine and auto enthusiast Neil Ashmead. It was named Neil Ashmead GTS, which stands for “Grand Tourer Shiraz”. It has a racing-styled label carrying Ashmead’s signature. Its best feature is the six-speed stick shift screw-on cap.

Logan Weemala Wine

This collection’s wine label design proudly showcases its homeland. They grew their grapes from the New South Wales Ranges in the Weemala region. Birds common to the region were chosen to represent outstanding varieties: Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Merlot, Shiraz Viognier, Riesling, and Pinot Gris. It’s a whimsical, simple, and attractive label for the great Australian winery.

Great wine label designs from the rest of the world

Great wine label designs from the rest of the world

Curious about how the rest of the world fares in terms of wine label design? Check out these examples below.

Daniel Brokstad

Planning for a Halloween-themed party? The Norwegian student Daniel Brokstad’s designs might be an excellent place to start. His design theme, “Possession”, is an unholy wine collection that features three types of red wine:

  • Haunting Ghost – Spoory Cabernet
  • Evil Demon – Bloody Shiraz
  • Old Witch – Cursed Pinot Noir

The wines are packaged in a glossy bottle shaped like a coffin, adding to the exclusiveness of this wine collection. They are based on various occult themes witchcraft, satanism and the paranormal. The font used was made in an edgy way to contrast against the bottle’s clean structure.


Lavernia & Cienfuegos from Spain created this adorable design for the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize. It was designed based on their brand “365”, offering simple, everyday items at budget-friendly prices.

The main theme of the design is a cork. It’s the perfect sign of humility, having little value and is usually used as a craft material. It is simple and its elements are easy to create and play around with. Using cork gives a simple vibe, typical of an everyday product.

The cap unifies the whole collection. The icon used for each label gives a nod to the country of origin. For instance, the white wine Chardonnay from Australia has a cork designed to look like a Koala.

Gut Oggau Portrait Wines

The Oggau Estate hails from Austria. Their winery has given their products more than just flavour, but also personality – nine of them, to be accurate. The designer Jung von Matt wanted to give each wine label in their collection a special signature.

According to Jung von Matt, each wine has its own unique character, just like every human being. It ranges from playful to complex, young to mature. A name, story, and face were assigned to each of these unique attributes. The designs eventually became like a family clan with children, parents, and grandchildren. This concept can be used for wines given as gifts for family events like reunions or weddings.


This award-winning design from Jidvei tells a story just after nightfall. They used an extraordinary ink that can only be seen using the UV spectrum to achieve this effect.

This bold and eye-catching label came to life through a combination of embellishments. The fabric is resistant to wrinkling in humid conditions. It also makes a great contrast against the gold foil since it was dyed solid black.

The labyrinth and embossing on the wine’s name were accentuated using micro-embossed foil, giving a tactile experience. A dark and sophisticated look is achieved with the use of two colours: black and gold. It’s suitable for exclusive events.

Having doubts about the personalised wine label design you created?

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