Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

The festive season is upon us and with it, we go back to doing the things we have done before. From January to December, there has always been a cycle, and gift giving is part of that. Whether it be the festive season or a simple birthday for you friend or family, the art of gift giving has always been tricky for many people.

This is one of those things that evolution has not been able to tackle or change in us human beings. So if you are one of those people who are clueless when it comes to giving gifts to your loved ones, I have come up with tips on what not to do this year.

List of Few Gifts You Need To Avoid

Giving a gift to another is considered as showing a gesture. However, with the changing times, you are wise to avoid giving few gifts that might be a turn off for others.

1. No more socks 

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

People think that buying socks for someone is a good thing. Yes, sometimes it is and maybe the person will appreciate the gesture, but if you continually do it, then you have definitely crossed a line.

There is nothing wrong with your first gift being a pair of socks, but if it now starts to become a trend, then there is something wrong. In most cases, not to be stereotypical, fathers are the ones who usually give out socks to the people around as gifts. Another thing to consider especially if you know that the person has loving grandparents is that they would probably get their socks from them.

Now as you read this article, know that the initial gift of socks was enough to last the person for a lifetime (unless you are assured the person doesn’t buy socks). Imagine yourself getting socks all the time without change.

2. Say no to t-shirts, too

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

During the festive season, people often take the easy route and get people t-shirts, but as mentioned above, if you continually do it all the time, then there might be problems.

Our grandparents are notorious for always gifting us those ugly Christmas t-shirts during the holidays and you certainly don’t want to be another person to gift another crappy or ‘funny’ t-shirt. The thing about giving a gift is to think about the person receiving it and then check if you would like it.

3. No calendars

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

I have never really understood this kind of gift. Maybe it is as they say in some cases that it is really the thought that counts. But honestly, though, I have seen people receive calendars as holiday gifts only to leave them hanging by their doors or walls and stuck only on January.

While I will also acknowledge the fact that the gift is actually thoughtful, and a good one, buying someone a calendar at this time is just plain wrong. Think about it, most people we know now own a smartphone or a phone with capable calendar features. So, what are adding to it that the person doesn’t already have?

4. Gift cards? Really?

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

If you are too lazy to get someone close to you a gift it is best to just not gift the person and rather just bail on the whole gift idea. In modern day, you can even go as far as saying that buying someone a gift card as a gift is insulting.

Unless the card has been crafted by the supplier and you can see their effort, then a gift card is nothing short of an insult and should not be encouraged at all. I hope my point on how a gift card is nothing but a bad gift has been brought out well here.

5. Office or school supplies

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

If you are making a joke, then this would be the perfect gag gift. Other than that, no one has any reason whatsoever to even think of standard stationery as a gift for someone that is close to them.

However, I will say it again, if the main aim of the gift is to annoy, insult, or joke with the person who is receiving it, then that would be just perfect. As the name itself suggests, office or school supplies, therefore they should be left where they belong, in the supply cupboard.

6. Candles

Some Gifts Not to Buy This Festive Season - Festive Season

Unless you are living in far off countryside, and you know that the electricity might just go soon, then there is no way this can be considered a good gift. But jokes aside, no one really wants their house smelling like a candle all the time and if you are going to give such a gift then it’s best you just don’t give the gift in the first place.

Now you are probably wondering that after all things have been removed from the list what else is then left to buy for your loved ones or those that are close to you.

You are probably thinking is this also one of those articles which just admonish you for the things that you can’t buy and after that do not come in and give help.

Ideal Gifting Ideas

The art of gift giving is one which has not been perfected by humans, yet but there are definitely some things which you can buy and are guaranteed to make an impact and also be considered thoughtful by the person receiving it.

It is well known all over the world that one of the things that most people like drinking is wine, and buying such a gift would not be such a bad idea. If you want to take it a step further, buying a personalised wine bottle filled with some delicious fermented grapes inside would be just perfect. The gift is good because of two main things.

  1. If you can buy a wine that you know the person likes, it shows them that you value them enough to understand and remember all the small bits about their lives.
  1. The personalised wine bottle part can be shown with a personalised message which means you can pour out your heart to the person receiving the gift.

Now armed with all this information, I trust that the art of gift giving for this year should be nothing but a small and easy thing to do, meaning you don’t have to sweat anymore when the time eventually comes.

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