Holiday Gift Ideas

Enjoy more savings when you shop for your holiday gifts early

The holidays are times of fun, parties and gift-giving, but a lot of preparation needs to happen, from gift and grocery shopping, to contacting family and friends, and even decorating. There’s just so much to think about, and that can leave you in a pinch.

Being busy means you have to prioritise and put certain tasks on the back burner for a while, and that may lead to some last-minute problems. For example, the lack of attention and effort in gifting can lead to disappointment, and what can you do then?

5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Holidays

5 Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Holidays

Let us at Wine Design help you. With easy, quick, but thoughtful holiday gift ideas, you wouldn’t have to worry about disappointing your friends and family at Christmas time. Here is our list of inspiring gift ideas to help you spread joy during the holidays:

1.      Baked goods or a fancy dessert

These are a definite staple during the holidays. Need to whip up something quick, but thoughtful and sweet? Bake or make something! An excellent sweet treat can rarely go wrong. It can also show the person you gift it to that you’re willing to put in the work into gifts.

Try infusing the desserts and baked goods with wine to spice it up and give it a fancier feel – definitely better than just getting a tub of store-bought ice cream!

2.      Food

The holidays will not be complete without food. Well-cooked homemade meals could warm both the belly and the soul. Moreover, a signature dish can be a good thing to give your guest or host. Ham, turkey, chicken, or steak would work with some effort! Give it a little something by adding some wine in the mix.

3.      Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are pretty creative. It gives you a lot of freedom to customise the overall feel of your gift to suit the recipient. You can assemble varying gift basket themes to give to your loved ones. You could put all sorts of things in gift baskets–towels, lotions, candles, or soap are common in these baskets.

For a unique spin, you could put in sweetmeats, cheeses, pastries, or wine in one! There are a hundred different ways you could spin this holiday gift idea.

4.      Novelty Items

Novelty items can brighten up someone’s day. Cute and funny, but useful gag gifts are great holiday gifts. It adds a splash of humour to a very happy occasion. A few examples of useful novelty items include adorable bottle openers, funny toasters, and witty wine glass sets. Indeed, these would bring a smile to your recipient’s face!

5.      Personalised wine bottles

Wine in itself is a great holiday gift. Still, it can rarely be unique. So, to add a little something special to your wine gift, why not try customising wine bottles? As gifts, giveaways, and memorabilia, personalised wine bottles are incredibly creative options. It can show the person receiving the gift how much you know them and how much you care.

When you customise a label to fit a person’s taste, the gift you give becomes much more special. From the font to the colour, everything could be made to fit your customisation. Plus, it shows depth and effort on your part. Personalised wine bottles are definitely fantastic holiday gifts that could make different types of people quite happy.

Why is Wine a Fantastic Gift Choice?

Why is Wine a Fantastic Gift Choice?

Wine is not just good –it’s great! Wine is a fantastic gift, and here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Wine suits many occasions
  • Vintage wines are great to celebrate anniversaries with
  • A well-chosen wine shows that you care
  • Wine bottles are also great décor
  • Wine lasts a long time
  • Wine suits all budgets
  • Wine is great for sharing
  • Wine is a classic gift.

Wine suits many occasions

Wine is a great gift choice for most occasions. Birthdays, weddings, reunions, and holidays. Because wine can be super versatile, it’s a great gift idea! You could help make celebrations more joyful with a good bottle of wine.

Vintage wines are great to celebrate anniversaries with

Vintage wine from the year of the occasion you are celebrating would be a thoughtful and touching tribute. It could be quite sentimental and memorable to the recipient because of this. The wine you gift could be enjoyed when reminiscing about significant milestones in the recipient’s life. Plus, vintage wines are often superior in taste and quality, making them a tasteful gift to mark years.

A well-chosen wine shows that you care

Every individual’s taste differs from one another, which is why when chosen well, wine can show that you care enough to put in the effort. It also shows how well you know the person, and that in itself could be a thoughtful gesture. When you gift a bottle of wine that suits the recipient’s taste fully, you don’t have to worry about disappointment

Wine bottles are also great décor

Wine bottles and wine packaging are often gorgeous, sleek, and classy. A bottle could do well as a mantelpiece or a conversation starter on your table. Maybe placing it in a cabinet with a clear glass front can give the home a rustic feel to it. Wine has both taste and aesthetics –what’s not to love?

Wine lasts a long time

Wine can help people relax, and because wine lasts long, there’s absolutely no pressure in consuming it immediately. With time, most unopened wines can only keep getting better. Best of all, the gift recipient can choose to consume it at any time they wish.

Wine suits all budgets

So many good quality wines sell at a low cost. The price range varies, and it’s easy to find one that suits your budget, without sacrificing quality.

Wine is great for sharing

We often expect company during the holidays. What better way to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones than to share a bottle of wine? It makes people feel a lot jollier and celebratory. It helps folks unwind and just let loose during the holidays.

Wine isn’t just something you drink; it’s something you experience. And that experience is best shared in the company of people you love and care for. It’s guaranteed to be fun.

Wine is a classic gift

There’s a reason why wine is a classic gift throughout the ages. It’s hard to get wrong.

Trust Wine Design for Personalised Wine Bottles for Your Loved Ones During these Holidays

Trust Wine Design for Personalised Wine Bottles for Your Loved Ones During these Holidays

Giving a present with a unique presentation matters because it shows that you put in thought, time, and effort into your gift. With a personalised wine bottle, you can surprise someone you love with something they would love. Customisation will surely add to the beauty of the bottle you bring. Gifting a personalised bottle is definitely a superb holiday gift!

A special custom-made gift will always be sweet and memorable. Inquire about customised wine labelling at Wine Design to see how you can make the 2021 holidays more unforgettable. Call us on 1300 798 098 or email for enquiries. Alternatively, just click here to fill out an online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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