Great Classy and Unique Corporate Gifts

Labelled Wine and Spirits

Choosing the best corporate gifts

Giving gifts to people is an opportunity to show how much you value them. Giving corporate gifts is a way to express gratitude to your staff or to show appreciation to your business partners. However, not so many people look forward to getting surprise corporate gifts in the mail. You don’t want your corporate gifts being posted on social media with the “corporate junk” tag. We do not want to give gifts just for the sake of giving them. Don’t waste money in giving corporate gifts that will not be appreciated by the receiver.

Choosing the best corporate gifts

How to give corporate gifts that will stand out? Here are some tips.

1. Start early.

When you are not rushing, you will find the right selection for your target recipient, especially during peak season such as holidays. When you go shopping before the holiday rush, you will score promotional products that manufacturers offer at a better rate. This holds true for food items and other consumable products. For corporate gifts, you can contact suppliers that can give you special rates for bulk orders and for ordering early. Planning ahead will save you money and will not leave you stressed.

2. Don’t be too flashy.

Corporate gifts are meant to show your appreciation to the people who keep your business moving. It is to show your gratitude for the relationship your employees, clients, and business partners have with your company. You don’t need to go overboard just to show this appreciation. A truly expensive gift might imply that you want to try to buy their loyalty. It is better to give something useful or something they will enjoy.

3. Be aware of laws that concern corporate gifts.

There might be legal constraints on giving gifts especially to media people and those in the government. Make sure that you are aware of them so you don’t get tangled up in a legal mess.

4. Wrap them nicely.

No matter how much money you spent on your corporate gifts, attractive packaging will make them more expensive. Bag, ribbons and upscale looking packaging will make your corporate gifts stand out. Personalised tags and labels can also add value to your corporate gifts. Customising your labels will also make them memorable to your recipients. Also, make sure that your company’s logo and name are easily visible but tastefully placed so you can get recall without your recipient being overwhelmed by marketing.

5.Make gift giving personal.

If you really want to stand out, why not have your corporate gifts delivered early? Since you planed early, you can beat the others in delivering gifts. That’s a great way to stand out. It will also make an impression if you have them delivered personally whenever possible and not by courier. You can hand it to them during a business meeting or during a product delivery. A personally written note will likewise make your corporate gifts stand out. A handwritten note or card will let them know that you truly value them because you made the effort of sending them your personal thoughts and not just generic ones.

Choosing labelled wines and spirits as corporate gifts

Honour someone with elegantly labelled wine and spirits. Corporate gifts are more special when they are personalised. Give them something that they can celebrate the holidays or important occasions with. Do not just give out presents that look like you just got them off the shelf or discount wholesaler. Gift giving becomes more meaningful if you give them a personalised touch. Corporate labelled wine is an exceptional way to thank your valued employees, clients, and business partners.