Bonbonnieres with a Personal Touch


Bonbonnieres serve as a token of gratitude and a gift of remembrance at the same time. Giving them out will make guests of any event feel quite special. Bonbonnieres with a personal touch will show that you appreciate their support and that you want them to bring something that they can remember the special occasion by when they leave.

Creating bonbonnieres to remember for a lifetime

Bonbonnieres, or favours, are created to make a lasting impression on your guests. You spend good money on them so they don’t get discarded or forgotten easily. To guarantee that your gifts are noticed, here are some tips on creating or picking bonbonnieres to remember.

1. Be practical.

Take a moment to reflect if the bonbonniere you chose is something that you want; you don’t want your favour to end up in the trash. Otherwise, it’s a total waste of money. Make sure that your favours are something that you and your guests will enjoy. Edible bonbonnieres are the safest way to go. From cookies to personalised wines, your guests can enjoy your party favours when they get home. It is better to give something useful or edible rather than something that will just collect dust.

2. Use it to express your personality.

Choose a bonbonniere that says something about you. Give your guests a gift that will make a lasting impression or that they will remember you by. Are you a wine connoisseur? Wine bottles with your personalised label will be a good choice. You should give favours that will showcase your personality, speak of the event, or share something you love with the people who came to the occasion.

3. Try them.

Resist the urge to buy before you try. Once you’ve decided what to give your guests, make sure to order a sample. Do a trial run, especially if you only saw your potential bonbonnieres online. They might look good in pictures but disappoint in reality. If you are using personalised labels, you should also see the final draft or a sample print to make sure that everything is spelt correctly.

4. Always have an extra.

Order a few more than the guests you are expecting. If you are giving one bonbonniere per guest, it’s wise to order 10 more. In case some get broken or lost, you will still have enough for everyone. There are also instances that your guests will love your bonbonnieres so much that they will take extras. You may also want to hold on to a few for your personal treasure chest. Apart from that, it is also wise to order early or have them delivered a few days before the event. You don’t want delays to ruin your special occasion.

5. Wrap them nicely.

Packaging goes a long way when making an impact. What’s inside should also be reflected on the outside. Personalising your labels and packaging will make your bonbonnieres more special. You don’t want to go overboard, but you also want to make sure that your bonbonnieres to look extra special. If you are giving away edible favours, they require special packaging. You do not want your edible favours to spoil or have those beautiful personalised wines break while in transit.

personalised wine

Personalised wines as bonbonnieres

You don’t need an excuse to incorporate wines into any occasion. Wines and spirits make any occasion more eventful. Festivities will not be complete without a toast to something. What better way to extend the festive mood than giving your guests wines? Wow, your guests with personalised wines as bonbonnieres. Let your guests know how much you appreciate their support right there on the bottle. With every toast from your bonbonnieres, they will remember where it came from and the person who gave it to them.