Great Benefits of Wine

Great Benefits of Wine - Wine

A bottle of wine given as a gift shows not only class and appreciation but also expresses love and thoughtfulness as you offer your recipients with the many great benefits of drinking wine.

Truly, everything taken in moderation is healthy. Drink wine with peace of mind as you enjoy its hearty taste while feeding your mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the reasons why drinking a glass of wine each day can be good for you.

Live a longer, better life

Wine has many positive health benefits, some of which are mentioned below. In general, a research from Harvard Medical School found out that resveratrol, a phenol found in red wine, promotes health and longevity in animal models. A 29-year study of 2,468 men, published in the Journals of Gerontology, also showed that wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate compared to those who drink beers and others. Additionally, the inhabitants on the Greek island of Ikaria, who regularly consume red wine as part of their diet, are some of the longest lived people in the world.

Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Those who drink wine moderately have a 30% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to non-drinkers, according to a 12-year study under taken at VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. An animal experiment at the Chinese Academy of Science also revealed that resveratrol may also improve sensitivity to insulin, thus reducing insulin resistance.

Prevents many forms of cancer

There are numerous studies which show that wine can reduce the risk of cancer, from colon cancers by approximately 50%, from breast cancer by lowering estrogen and increasing testosterone levels in premenopausal women, from prostate cancer by 52% according to Harvard Men’s Health Watch reports, and from lung cancer while also improving lung function according to Dutch scientists.

Slows down cognitive decline and prevents dementia

Drinking wine can prevent clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation, which are contributing factors not only to cognitive decline but also heart disease. A Columbia University study of 1,416 people showed that wine drinkers have a remarkably slower rate of brain function decline. Research in 14 countries from Loyola University Medical Centre also showed that those who drink red wine moderately have reduced risk of developing dementia.

Lowers the risk of stroke and also prevents severe damage after a stroke

Since wine can prevent blood clots, moderate drinkers are less prone to ischemic or blood-clot related stroke. This was the result of a 2006 Columbia University study of 3,176 people, showing that the risks of stroke dropped by 50%. On the other hand, research at John Hopkins University School showed that red wine causes an increased level of heme oxygenase which can protect the nerve cells from brain damage caused by a stroke.

Take care of mental health and reduce the risk of depression

Truly, one glass of great wine is a dose of happiness and satisfaction as you indulge in a serene moment of relaxation. When it comes to reducing the risk of depression, a 7-year study in Spain showed that men and women between the ages of 55 to 80 were less likely to be diagnosed with depression if they drank two to seven glasses of wine every week.

Give the gift of customised wine to your friends and loved ones

There are a lot more benefits of moderately drinking wine, such as preventing acne breakouts, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing blindness due to diabetic retinopathy and mascular degeneration, protecting the teeth, building better bone mass, and many more which the growing field of science and medicine has yet to prove. There is no need to feel guilty about having a couple sips of wine each day because everyone can benefit from this classic, hearty treat.