Breakfast Menu and Wine Pairings on Wedding Day

Breakfast Menu and Wine Pairings on Wedding Day - Breakfast Menu

Perfect wine and breakfast pairings

A perfectly planned wedding deserves nothing but the best. Everything has to be just right and the day’s menu is no exception. Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to start their happily ever after at the beginning of each day. And every wedding would not be complete without a scrumptious meal, in this case, the most important meal of the day… breakfast!

Some may think it a bit odd, having wine with breakfast and pairing breakfast food with the perfect bottle of wine can be a challenge so we have a few tips for you to guide you in making the right choice.

Feeling the Flavour

The perfect bottle of wine for your special day will definitely depend on the flavours you choose for your menu. Having subtle, tantalising, flavours would mean a choice of mildly flavoured wines as well, such as Chenin Blanc or Chablis as choices for white wines and a good Lambrusco or a Pinot Noir if you are a fan of red wine. These kinds of personalised wines would complement mild flavours on your menu.

On the other hand, having a robust and hearty breakfast menu would mean having a different array of choices of wines. Bold, full-bodied, red wines such as Bordeaux and white wines like Viognier or a White Port would also be great options.

Having more menu specific flavours would also widen the spectrum of selections. A few of those options would be:

  • Sweet and nutty flavours would go well with a good Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Fresh and fruity flavours would be perfect with a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Buttery or creamy flavours on the menu would pair suitably with a Chardonnay.
  • Smoky or meaty flavours for breakfast could be complemented with a good Riesling or a Moscato.

These are the most common flavours found in breakfast menus, so it is a good place to start your search. Read on to find more detailed lists and selections of wines and food options!

Egg-cellent Cuisine

One of the most frequent and versatile foods on breakfast menus is the humble egg! It canbe prepared and presented in different ways, ranging from casual dining to elegant cuisine. Coupling wine with egg dishes requires some thought as there are a lot of options!

  • A simple scrambled or poached egg dish could be brought to a different level by pairing it with nice Champagne.
  • Eggs mixed in a salad, which may contain acidic elements, would go well with a Prosecco.
  • Richer dishes such as eggs benedict or quiches would be even more delicious when paired with a good Rosé.

Eggs can be truly filling and delicious when prepared well and adding the zing of a good bottle of wine makes them even better.

Mouth Watering Options

The most awaited part of a wedding ceremony (especially by the guests) is enjoying the scrumptious food whilst enjoying the atmosphere of joy and togetherness. Having to plan out the menu would be a chore, if not for great sources of information on the internet and from insightful articles such as this! Below is a list of lovely and delectable food choices and the personalised wines that could go well with them:

  • Breakfast Pancakes, whether served plainly or with some fruity, savoury, or acidic elements can go well with a German Riesling.
  • Buttery and light Muffins and Croissants would be excellent with sparkly Champagne.
  • Simple or fancy, French toast is a common staple for breakfast menus and a good Pinot Noir would be perfect with it.
  • Bacon is also found in many breakfast dishes, and pairing it with a lively Chardonnay would not disappoint.
  • Vegetables in dishes, such as frittatas or salads could go very well with a Gruner Veltliner.
  • If you are serving something hearty and heavy such as Steak and Eggs, a velvety Merlot would complement the indulgence of the dish.
  • Going with seafood? Smoked Salmon goes very well with a Dry White Wine such as Furmint, which can add acidity to the richness and smokiness of the salmon.
  • Other rich foods like Pasta and Grilled Meats could pair well with a good Lambrusco, which brings balance with its rich berry flavours.
  • If you opt for white meat or cheese, you could also choose yummy Champagne to go with it to add acidity to the flavours of the dish.
  • The right choice of Rosé could go splendidly with fruity dishes and seasonal salads.

Is your mouth watering yet? The list goes on and on and the varieties are endless. These are just a few of the best options out there and you can be as creative as you want when picking the menu for your special day. Just remember, having the pleasure of sharing a luscious array of food choices would definitely lift everyone’s spirits.

Dessert, Anyone?

Ah, desserts! Almost everyone’s favourite part of the meal. Unknown to most, wine can also go well with dessert fare, if you opt to serve it at the end of the meal, to keep the atmosphere light and happy. Pairing flavours of desserts with wine is easy as all you have to do is match the flavours!

Some nice medleys are:

  • Red velvet cake with Red Velvet Wine.
  • Apple pie with a sweet Moscato.
  • Dark Chocolate with a deep flavoured Zinfandel.
  • Creamy cheesecake with a fruity Riesling.
  • Chocolate ice cream with Chocolate Wine.

Again, there are lots of options. All you have to do is enjoy the process of tasting the flavours and matching them up. Chances are, your guests will be more than thrilled to have an opportunity to polish off a delectable dessert with an equally lovely wine of your choosing.

Happily Ever After

These are choices of personalised wines you could use based on the breakfast menu on your special day or your preferences. Of course, you could also go with your favourite wine, if you have one. The important thing to keep in mind is to try and match the flavours of your menu with the flavours of your wine so as to create a wonderful symphony for your palate.

This is, after all, one of the happiest days of your life with your partner. Having the perfect combination of food and drink would definitely put the finishing touch on what promises to be you’re very own happily ever after. Happy Choosing! Cheers!

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