Your Business Needs Custom Labelled Water Bottles, and Here’s Why

How to maximise customised water bottles for marketing

Custom labelled water bottles are quickly becoming the marketing tool of choice for many Australian businesses. For general promotions, a company can simply have their logo emblazoned on the bottle, but if a special event is coming up, a brief description added to the back is a great way to maximise bottle space.

Businesses that have yet to leverage this cheap but creative advertising tool, may be missing out. Here are some of the reasons why companies should consider promoting their brand on custom labelled water bottles.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Labelled Promotional Water Bottles

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Labelled Promotional Water Bottles

  1. Free mobile advertising
  2. Low cost, wide reach
  3. Customisability
  4. Boosted company image
  5. Longer-term brand recall
  6. Celebrating
  7. Sports team Promotions
  8. Making water cool

1. Free Mobile Advertising

How much does it cost to buy Internet ads, print space, and radio time? These traditional marketing avenues take up a big chunk of advertising money, yet they are limited when it comes to mobility.

The water bottle is 100% mobile: People carry drinking water to the gym, the office, and in the car all day long. Sometimes they are even passed around and shared with others. That water bottle sporting a company logo can go a long way – without paying a cent for mobile marketing. No other advertising tool can expose a brand to countless eyes for such a minimal investment.

2. Low Cost, Wide Reach

Custom water bottles are way cheaper than most forms of advertising. So, whether a business is large or small, they can easily promote their brand message on these bottles to as many people as possible.

3. Customisability

Water is a basic necessity, so water bottles are among the most used items on a daily basis – in schools, offices, sports activities, and even corporate and social events.

Water bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They are often made of metal, glass, BPA-free plastic, aluminium, or stainless steel. The entire body of the bottle is advertising space – print logos, messages, images, text, or any design on the front, back, or around the cylinder.

Custom labelled water bottles create the best opportunities for advertisement and are great as giveaways during fundraisers, charity events, sponsorships, and parties.

4. Boosted Company Image

Image is everything, and branded water bottles are a good way to make a statement. Water bottles encourage people to drink water, and with custom tumblers, your message is clear: you love your clients and care about their health.

Refillable water bottles can also show consumers that your business cares about the environment and customers often view eco-friendly companies more favourably than those that are not. Additionally, water bottles help reduce the amount of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and custom labelled water bottles too are completely reusable and recyclable.

5. Long-Term Brand Recall

In terms of brand recall, custom reusable water bottles have a huge advantage over single use bottles. With bottled water, the customer tosses the plastic bottle away after drinking it and your company logo goes down the drain, but with custom water tumblers, the same bottle can be refilled over and over again and it stays with the client for a long time so more people can see your brand.

6. Celebrating

Next to branding, the second most popular function of custom labelled water bottles is to celebrate special events. For example, custom labels can match the theme of a wedding, bachelorette party, graduation ball, or baby shower for a more personal touch. Your guests can take the bottles home with them as a memory of the special day.

7. Promote Sports Teams

From club sports to professional teams, custom water bottles are a great way to promote a sports organisation. They are perfect as giveaways during special fan events, raffle prizes, or a fun way for kids to use while they play sports and remember: The loyalty of a consumer is rarely more apparent than in the loyalty of a club supporter.

8. Make Water Cool

There are plenty of water options out there, ranging from sparkling water to coconut water. Still, water is water, no matter what form or vitamins are added. Custom water bottles can surprisingly make drinking water more stylish.

To encourage more people to drink more water, add distinctive, striking designs on the bottle. Perhaps print a funny image or catchy phrase to inspire kids to choose water over juice or soda.

Gym operators and healthcare centres can also create unique labels to remind clients to drink more water and promote good health. Businesses can share company values on the bottles to match their corporate model.

Water Bottles are a Simple, Creative, Effective Way to Promote Your Brand

Water Bottles are a Simple, Creative, Effective Way to Promote Your Brand

Think of a water bottle like a business card – but multi purposed! If you leave a business card with a client or customer, they will either keep it, misplace it, or toss it in the trash. But if you give them a water bottle with your logo and contact information? Chances are they will carry it with them in the car and take it out in public for everyone to see , and even if they do not use it, they will probably give it to their kids who in turn will bring it to the game and the classroom.

Think Outside of the Box – Design Your Own Bottle

The potential for maximum brand exposure is huge, which is why more businesses are turning to custom water bottles to get their message across. The Internet has taken over traditional marketing media, and now it’s time for you to also think outside the box and design your very own custom labelled water bottle.

Printing your logo on a water bottle is one of the best ways to promote your company without trying too hard. These custom tumblers carry sub-conscious messages on occasions when you want your brand to get noticed – in sports events, business conferences, trade fairs, and other promotional events.

Wine Design Brings Your Bottle Dreams into Reality

Wine Design Brings Your Bottle Dreams into Reality

If you are looking for a cheap, creative way to reach as many people as possible, custom-printed water bottles are the way to go. Here at Wine Design, you have the freedom to select the shape and size of the water bottle, how your logo will appear, and the font type and size you prefer – every custom label we make for you will reflect the personality of your company.

Take your marketing efforts to the next level by showcasing your brand on one of our customised water bottles. Call us today on 1300 798 098 or email to learn about your options. Let’s get the bottle rolling!