Why Wine Giveaways for Weddings are a Fantastic Choice

Planning for a wedding can be hectic because you have to finalise all the details down to the giveaway. But if you’re looking for a bullet-proof giveaway that will surely be a hit for your guests, look no further than wine.

Why Wine Giveaways for Weddings are a Fantastic Choice - giveaway

3 Reasons Why Wine Giveaways are Great for Weddings

Regardless if you’re planning your wedding in a vineyard or inside a grand hotel, wine can be an excellent gift for your guests.

Why Wine Giveaways for Weddings are a Fantastic Choice - giveaway

1. It can work with any theme.

Whether your wedding is following a rustic theme or you’re going for a minimalist one, wine is still a good choice. Wine doesn’t need a particular wedding aesthetic to make it appropriate for a wedding. Because of its elegance and classy appeal, it can go with any theme.

What’s good is that if you really want a cohesive theme in all aspects of your wedding, you can just have the wine label customised. This way, you can make sure that your wine bottle giveaway still has a touch of the theme to it.

Why Wine Giveaways for Weddings are a Fantastic Choice - giveaway

2. There are creative ways to take it up a notch.

If you genuinely want to make your giveaway memorable, go a step further than just giving out a bottle of wine. You can also get a wine that’s specifically from your wedding location. It works best if your wedding is held a winery. Just ask them for their recommended bottle and have it labelled by a label customising shop. You can also add thank you notes to make it even more personalised.

If you have guests who are under the legal age, consider giving them a bottle of sparkling grape juice or other non-alcoholic sparkling drinks. If you want to be more creative, consider filling wine bottles with candies or chocolates instead.

Another creative way to elevate your wine wedding giveaway is by pairing it with decorated wine glasses. You can get crafty with this route. For example, if you have a country-themed wedding, you may wrap burlap or lace around the glass. You should also add some twine and embellishment and have a fancy wine glass to go with your wine giveaway. Wine glasses can be purchased for cheap in any store, so you wouldn’t have to worry about going over your budget.

Wine glass candles can also be a good way to make your wine bottle giveaway more special. In fact, wine glass candles can also serve as your table centrepiece.

If you want to be more thoughtful, you can pack your mini wine bottle in a box and add a soft blanket. Your guests may use it for an upcoming picnic.

Why Wine Giveaways for Weddings are a Fantastic Choice - giveaway

3. Your guests will remember you even after the wedding.

Giving away a miniature bottle of wine as a thank-you gift is a good way of saying to your guests that they can celebrate with you even after your wedding. They can raise a glass to you at their own homes. Whenever they take a sip from the wine giveaway, they will surely remember fond memories from the celebration. A miniature bottle is also an ideal size for adding wine to a dish. Your guests are free to use your giveaway; however, they like and help remember a milestone in your life.

Let Wine Designs Help you With Your Wedding Giveaway

Your wedding giveaways are an added element to help keep the atmosphere of your wedding. It’s a sophisticated item that can be made more creative by adding personalised labels.

If you’re looking for a trusted designer for your personalised wine labels, choose Wine Design. We are the industry expert when it comes to creating personalised labels. We can match the style of your wedding, depending on the overall theme. You also have an option between miniature wines or full-sized wine bottles.

Call us up at 1300 798 098, and let’s discuss your requirements further. In the meantime, feel free browse through our wedding label samples to give you an idea of what we can do for you.

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