Wedding Wine Checklist

Assuming you’ve got the main things sorted (date, venue, dress), preparing the reception can be a lot of fun.

If you’re buying your own wedding wines, you’re able to cater to all guests, different tastes, and personalise the bottles. It shows a little extra care. Wine can be the highlight of a wedding, so it’s important to find out which wines work for you. Here we discuss different flavours of wine, pairings with your menu, and what else to consider when searching for wedding wines.

A memorable reception can often depend on the hospitality. Whether you’re a wine expert or simply an enthusiast, choosing the right wedding wine for you and your guests can be simple with this wedding wine checklist!

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Your Guests

Firstly, how many of your guests are over the legal drinking age? Are there many non-drinkers? The ages and types of guests will determine how much wine, and which types of wine to purchase. But this isn’t the only factor to consider, and each factor influences the other, so it’s up to you to decide which is the most important to consider in the end.

Time of year

Is it predicted to be hot or cold? Will the wedding be inside or outside? While some people are happy to drink what they want, when they want, there are certain wines that suits particular weather. If the wedding is indoors, consider 50% red wine, with the other half shared between sparkling and white. If it’s outdoors, go for mainly red and white, with a mix of sparkling and if warm, a rosé. If there’s a theme for your wedding, this can also influence the choice of drinks, is it black tie, casual, tropical?


Obviously, your budget will be a strong influence as to which wines you choose, and the quantity. Most places have packages for weddings and big events and can discount the price as it’s a large quantity. You need to work out a budget you’re comfortable with. You want everyone to enjoy the day as much as you do, but don’t want to blow the bank on alcohol.

A good idea is to take the number of guests at the wedding and divide it by 2.15, that will give you the total bottles of wine needed- round this up. That number accounts for equal men and women attendees and the occasional non-drinker. It’s an estimate to use as a guide, not a definite answer.

food wine pairing


What will you be serving at the reception? If your dinner features rich meats, consider a full-bodied red wine. If the meal stars fish, a rosé or light red would be better suited. Although popular with seafood, rosé pairs with many cuisines, including Mexican, Indian, sushi and Thai.

Your tastes

While it’s important to consider your guests and their preferences, you can’t forget your own! What do you enjoy drinking? Which food and wine pairings excite you? This may guide you in making a final decision on choosing wedding wines.


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