Understanding the Popularity of Customised Bottled Water

It’s an undeniable fact – Australians love their bottled water. Recent statistics show that Australia’s consumption of bottled water is expected to reach 28 litres per person per year in 2021, generating revenue of almost $1.3 billion, a predicted growth of around 3.5%.

The prodigious popularity of bottled water provides businesses and other organisations with a unique opportunity to capitalise on its extensive market reach, through promoting their own brand via a product whose popularity and desirability is already well-established.

Why Do Australians Prefer Bottled Water?

Why Do Australians Prefer Bottled Water?

As a first world country with no water supply or quality issues, and over 250 incredibly stringent guidelines governing Australian tap water, it is a reasonable question to ask, particularly when the quality standards for bottled water are not governed with the same rigor.

Effective marketing campaigns appear to be one of the main drivers behind Australians choosing bottled water over tap water. The implication is that bottled water is “purer” than, and superior to, tap water despite the fact that blind taste testing has shown that many Australians can’t tell the difference between them.

Research shows that, in addition to powerful marketing techniques, gender and age figure heavily in Australia’s bottled water consumption, with the groups most likely to drink bottled water being people under 40 and women.

It has been suggested that the bottled water industry owes its initial success to the successful targeting of women who are health and fitness conscious and that the continued growth of the market has largely been driven by increasingly health conscious consumers with a preference for the convenience and taste of bottled water.

The Business Benefits of Bottled Water

The Business Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water is already a popular product and bottled water companies can capitalise on strong market research about branding, packaging, and marketing campaigns they can use to maximise their market reach and increase their market share. In addition, bottled water has business benefits:

Innovative Advertising Vehicle

Businesses and organisations that are unrelated to the bottled water market are not reliant on their ability to make their bottled water product stand out in the already-crowded market. Instead, they have the opportunity to use the product as a promotional vehicle for their own brand.

A number of high-profile retailers have jumped on this opportunity, including Typo and Cotton On – both owned by the same parent company – and they are using it to increase brand awareness while simultaneously raising funds for global charity efforts.

The Cotton On Foundation, a charity established to benefit disempowered youth through the provision of quality education, distributes customised Typo- and Cotton On-branded bottled water to their Typo and Cotton On stores, where they are conveniently located in small drink fridges at the stores’ point of sale counter. The company then donates 100% of the profits from the sale of this water to the Foundation.

Huge Revenue Generation

The Cotton On Foundation’s branded water initiative, while not generating any direct revenue for the retailer, provides them with several benefits. The bottle of water carries the company’s brand, operating in much the same way as a branded carry bag. It is incidental to the associated sale of a Cotton On or Typo product, but it is a promotional item that acts as mobile advertisement, increasing brand visibility outside the store and alongside other advertising materials.

Businesses and other organisations can use customised bottled water to either generate profits for their own use, or to fund charity efforts of their own – in either case, the business benefits.

Profits deposited back into the business help to fund business operations and fuel growth. Donating profits to charity enables the business to prove their commitment to supporting the community. This can help to promote favourable opinions of the company in the eyes of the public and improve their reputation, which may attract potential customers to the business and, in turn, generate further revenue.

Increased Brand Awareness

Importantly, it isn’t necessary to sell your customised water bottles in order to benefit from their ability to increase public awareness of your brand. Water bottles with customised labels that showcase your business or organisation’s individual colour palette and logo serve as an effective marketing tool, whether they are sold by your business or organisation or handed out as a complimentary product.

The ways in which customised water bottles can be used to promote your business are numerous and effective for a whole host of businesses and organisations from corporate functions to trade shows:

  • Training organisations can provide them to participants who attend a workshop or training session;
  • Gyms and personal trainers can sell them to patrons;
  • Hotels, motels, and Air BnB’s can provide them as complimentary items in guest rooms;
  • Hire car companies can provide them to customers.

The options and promotional opportunities are limited only by your creativity.

Customised Promotional Bottled Water from Wine Design

Customised Promotional Bottled Water from Wine Design

Wine Design is an industry expert in the design and production of customised bottle labels and personalised gifts. In addition to producing customised wine and beer bottle labels, we also specialise in the design and supply of customised bottled water.

Our bottled water is high-quality and great value. When complimented by our exceptional design and artwork, they are a novel, affordable and effective way of promoting your organisation, increasing your brand’s visibility and creating a lasting impression.

Available in two standard sizes, our customised bottled water is an incredibly versatile product that provides your business with great opportunity to capitalise on the immense popularity of bottled water.

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