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Menu for Cheese and Wine Party

If you’re having friends around for a cheese and wine party, we have curated the perfect menu to entertain you and your guests. Recipes courtesy of taste.com.au. What’s to eat? Italian Grazing Plate 0:15 Prep 0:10 Cook 4 Servings   INGREDIENTS 12 thin slices mild Bertocchi Flat Sopressa Salami 8 grissini 350g mixed medley tomatoes […]

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A Guide to Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

Have you ever been at a restaurant, wine list in hand, feeling lost? “I want to try this one, but I don’t know how to pronounce it… This one sounds nice, but will it go well with my food? Will my dinner guests judge me if I go for a cheaper wine? Do we want […]

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What Not To Pair with Your Wine    

A perfect pair between food and wine means that the two ingredients combined create an enhanced and balanced flavour that’s better than the ingredients on their own. When two ingredients create an imbalance, the taste lingers on your palate and may even make you feel nauseous. The intense flavours can clash on your palate if […]

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