How to Choose the Perfect Font for Corporate Gift Labels

How to Choose the Perfect Font for Corporate Gift Labels - Corporate Gift

Handing out corporate gifts is a great way to show how much you appreciate everyone who has helped your business grow. It’s a chance to make others feel valued and respected.

The best gifts take effort and thoughtfulness to come up with. These are the ones that will be truly treasured by the receiver. A great idea to give as your corporate gifts is anything personalised. This will make sure the recipients know that you value them.

One thing you may not immediately consider in order to make your gift stand out is the font of your label. Fonts can make or break any design, and have an effect on how others accept your corporate gifts.

Choosing the perfect font

It is important to consider your choice of font because it can really set the tone for the design of your gift. Depending on your font, the label of your product can go from simple to playful to elegant just like that. Don’t worry – it may be confusing to understand at first, but you will be able to choose the best font in no time.

Set the tone

Really think about what kind of impression you want to give. What do you want others to feel once they receive your corporate gift?

Do you want to seem classy and sophisticated? Simple and straight-to-the-point? Or warm and welcoming? No matter what look and feel you want to tap, you will surely be able to do that with your font.

For corporate gifts, you typically want to keep it looking clean and professional. You want to stay away from being too flashy. Of course, having it look attractive goes without saying. And having this in mind will also make your label look more high-end and expensive.

All this gives your employees, clients, or partners the feeling that you really thought about them and went all out.

To be able to really pick out the font that best encapsulates what you want to achieve, you must first learn the basics about fonts.

Types of fonts

How to Choose the Perfect Font for Corporate Gift Labels - Corporate Gift

  1. Serif

Serif fonts have lines sticking out from the ends of the letters (known as ‘serifs’). These are generally considered to be more serious and traditional. These are also normally used for longer prints because they are easier for the eyes to navigate.

Examples: Times New Roman, Cambria, Rockwell and Baskerville

  1. SansSerif

Sans Serif fonts do not have lines sticking out from the ends. These are generally considered to be more sleek and modern.

Examples: Helvetica, Century Gothic, Corbel and Monserrat

  1. Script

Scripts, or cursive fonts, have letters that are connected to each other. These are generally used to create a more graceful and sophisticated tone.

Examples: Yellowtail, Lavanderia, Edwardian Script and Learning Curve Pro

  1. Decorative / Display

These fonts are considered to be more quirky and unconventional than the other types of fonts. They are meant to grab your attention and have quite a specific effect that they want to come across.

Examples: Pinewood, Curl and Betty Noir

Why does font choice matter?

All these font types have different characters and personalities. This is really important when it comes to making an impression that you want to last.

The different fonts may be appropriate, depending on the purpose you want to suit. This is a big part of the design process and may dictate the overall reaction others have to your design. If your message is not communicated well, it may have a severe negative impact on you and your business.

Corporate gifts are a whole lot more special when personalised. Give others something that has meaning and will have a lasting effect on them. For the perfect corporate gift, check out the elegantly labelled wine and spirits from Wine Design!

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