Different Types of Spirits

Different Types of Spirits - Spirits

The term ‘spirits’ can mean a number of things. Britannica has defined ‘spirits’ as a distilled liquor, or hard liquor that is obtained by distillation from wine or other fermented fruit or plant juice. Its alcohol content is higher than that of beer or wine.Spirits include whiskey, gin, vodka, schnapps, liqueur, and brandy. All spirits, except for beer and wine, are technically clear and colorless. The change in colour from golden brown hue and other rich colours comes from the aging process. Distilled beverages come from a wide range of sources. They can be enjoyed neat, mixed in cocktails, or even used as ingredients in cooking. Some types of spirits are discussed in this article.


Gin is made from the same base ingredient as vodka which is the neutral spirit. It is produced from distilled juniper berries which give gin its great taste. What separates gin from vodka is the inclusion of juniper and other botanicals in the distillation. As gin’s taste is quite dry, it is not meant to be taken straight. Gin is frequently mixed with juices and other beverages.

Gin is an incredibly popular spirit choice no matter where you are in the world. In a recent survey, gin has gained more popularity than vodka. The average number of monthly gin drinkers nationwide has grown from 633,000 adults in March 2010 to 860,000 in 2015. It has gained around 220,000 more drinkers since 2010 and its popularity has increased across all age groups. The numbers of vodka drinkers remain unchanged despite population growth.


Another popular spirit is vodka. The word ‘vodka’ comes from the Slavic word ‘voda’, which literally means ‘water’.  It is the simplest among the spirits because it consists entirely of water and ethanol. It is distilled many times to remove its impurities.

Vodka is quite a flexible drink because it blends well with other drinks. It is often used in cocktails and mixed drinks, such as Martinis, Black or White Russians, Bloody Marys, and Cosmopolitans, just to name a few.


Schnapps is another type of spirit which originally came from Germany. The word itself comes from the German word ‘schnaps’ which refers to any strong or clear alcoholic beverage. It is considered one of the best types of spirits because of its pure and delicate aroma. True schnapps has no sugar added since its taste is naturally acquired. The best schnapps in the world is produced in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Some of the common flavours of schnapps are peppermint, butterscotch, peach, and apple.


Liqueurs are a type of spirit that do not have a strong alcohol content. They are generally made with neutral grain spirits. They are a friendly drink that has high sugar content and are normally sweet and creamy. They are also often flavoured with fruits. They can be consumed straight, with coffee or cream, or mixed in cocktails. This type of spirit is often served with dessert or becomes the dessert itself. There are many forms of liqueurs namely:  fruit liqueurs, cream liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, chocolate liqueurs, schnapps liqueurs, brandy liqueurs, anise liqueurs, nut-flavoured liqueurs, and herbal liqueurs. 

Different Types of Spirits - Spirits

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