Custom Labels and Emotional Marketing

Custom Labels and Emotional Marketing - Custom Labels

How do you make use of custom labels for emotional marketing?

In a world that’s saturated with information, your average customers are being bombarded with thousands of advertisements per day. With that stream of unending and often indistinguishable products, your wine label needs to stand out and resonate with people. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a product that’s as unremarkable as the next.

To make your product and brand stand out, a key business strategy would be to use customised product labels. Customised product labels tap right into the heart of effective marketing, specifically emotional marketing. This is a tool you can use to deliver impact.

The goals of marketing

Marketing is all about getting your name out there, so that you become the product and brand of choice. As such, marketing has two clear goals:

1. To persuade buyers into purchasing your product above anyone else’s.

This goal of marketing is to provide and highlight a differentiating factor. Over and beyond your competition in the market, there should be something that sets you apart.

2. To establish your brand’s credibility and to reinforce brand name recall.

When people think of buying anything in your product category, they should think of your brand name first. So if you are dealing with wine, for example, people thinking of ‘great birthday gifts’ or of ‘high quality drinks’ should think of your product and service first.

It’s true that these goals can be achieved by making people think about their options. But the most effective way to get your brand on top of people’s minds is to tap into their emotions.

What is emotional marketing?

Emotional marketing can deliver that competitive, differentiating, factor that is needed to persuade and to establish brand credibility. It’s a technique that makes your buyers feel a certain way so that they are more likely to buy without analysing costs and without thinking twice.

According to Entrepreneur, this type of marketing is all about providing an experience alongside the product. There are three marketing concepts involved:

  • Establishing deeper value, so that the product satisfies an intrinsic need
  • Alleviating psychological pain, so that people are motivated to buy your product
  • Eliminating regret, so that it’s easier for buyers to make the choice to purchase

Now, the question is how to implement an effective emotional marketing strategy.

How personalised labels evoke emotion

What you need to remember is that you can’t create an effective emotional response with generic and bland product labels. Run-of-the-mill product labels, which remain the same throughout any occasion, are boring and unremarkable. This makes your product easily overlooked and undervalued.

On the other hand, a personalised product label helps establish the needed emotional connection between your product and the buyer. As such, the way customers perceive your product moves beyond the features of the product itself, but more on what it could offer emotionally.

Custom Labels and Emotional Marketing - Custom Labels

Custom wine label and emotional marketing

There are three different ways you can use custom wine labels to make this emotional connection happen.

1. Associate with an established value

Many of your target customers may be excited about a specific interest, event, or activity which you can then feature in your wine label design. For example, a significant portion of your market might be excited about sport, adding sports-related imagery to your wine bottle label or product can influence the way your consumers feel about what you are offering them.

2. Celebrate intimate moments

Using wine labels to celebrate events or personal moments is a way to deliver good content. Birthday recipients who receive a unique custom label design, for example, will surely be impressed by the product.

This kind of intimate and positive feeling often spreads by word-of-mouth. What’s great about this technique is that it establishes your name in a way that’s credible and organic.

3. Tap into personal sentiment

For this technique in establishing emotional connection, grab any opportunity to supply for a personal event, like a birthday party, an anniversary, or even a corporate fundraiser. Changing the wine labels to match the theme of the celebration is a tactic that can bear a lot of fruit for you.

Instead of plain wine bottles, your unique designs will connect to the partygoers. This perception of emotional connection would mean that your products can be kept as mementos of that special occasion. You will also find that a good review of the event would also be associated with your product.

The key to all of these techniques is to know what emotional connection you would like to establish with your client. Do you want them to feel excitement? Love? Nostalgia? Reflect these emotions with the different design elements of your custom labels, and plan your delivery or distribution so that the environment fits the emotion you’re going for. Finally, sit back and watch emotional marketing work its magic.

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