Corporate Giveaways

Planning your next corporate event? Whether you’ve got an employee conference coming up, or you’re brainstorming ideas for the next prospective client meeting, corporate giveaways are an essential factor in developing your brand image. Any gadget or plastic miscellany can do the trick: branded pens, key rings, mouse-pads, USBs, or stress-balls. But what do these disposable and irritating giveaways reveal about your business? The best giveaway for your employees, clients, and prospective clients is something that draws people’s attention, generates gratitude, and reminds them of the quality of your business.

Corporate Giveaways - Corporate Giveaways

A Bottle of Wine

The gift of a bottle of wine has rich layers of meaning and cultural significance. A bottle of wine is an extravagant gift; it is intended to be consumed, it is meant to be shared, and it’s a symbol of appreciation and fine craftsmanship. A bottle of wine is the gift shared between lovers, between friends, and between family. Gifting a corporate bottle of wine symbolizes good will and good relationship.

The Label

After drinking your first sip, savouring the delight of the palate, the first thing you do is look to the label for affirmation of your pleasure, as if somehow, contained in the brief description or aesthetic graphic is the answer. Choosing wine as a corporate giveaway means that at Wine Design we create a label for your bottles that includes your business logo and perhaps a message. Since someone’s natural reflex is to check the label on the bottle to find out what they’re drinking, your business logo will get a lot of attention from whoever is drinking the wine. Importantly, since drinking wine is often a shared activity, it’s likely that your label will be seen by more than just the client receiving the gift! If a client takes home your bottle of shiraz, takes it to a house party the next Friday night, and shares it with her friends, your business label is exposed to a fresh group of people who share business connections with your client. Her friend, impressed by the wine and by your business’ savvy, goes to work the next Monday and tells her colleague about her Friday night party and the fabulous corporate wine she had. Your business will spread in ways than can’t be predictably mapped.

Corporate Giveaways - Corporate Giveaways

Spirits or Beer?

Alternatively, Wine Design offers corporate labeled spirits, beer, and water. For an extra special gift, consider gifting a bottle of schnapps or gin to your long-standing clients to show your appreciation. Whilst a bottle of wine is consumed in one sitting, a bottle of spirits might reside on a cabinet or mantle-piece for longer, heightening the chances of your brand entering someone’s long-term psychology. All our beers are sourced from Hunter Beer Co, brewed in Nulkaba NSW. Hunter Beer Co offer a range of European and American style beers. Know your business image and company’s tastes before choosing wine, beer, or spirits. Contact us to discuss what might be the best choice for your business.


Everyone who has been to a seminar, convention, or conference knows the importance of free bottled water. When you walk through double doors into the open auditorium, the waft of carpet cleaner and cool air-conditioned air hits you, someone absently hands you a ‘goody’ bag with pamflets, mentos, and a bottle of water, and you know you’ll be able to last for the day. Hydration helps you get through the two hour-long sessions. Corporate labeled water bottles are a must if your business is hosting this kind of event. Water is a more economical giveaway that enables you to spread your business logo to a wider audience. Water bottles are not so much a gift, as a curtsey at certain events.


Now, for what kind of events could you organize corporate giveaways? If you’re business hosts events, corporate labeled bottles are the perfect corporate giveaway gift for your employees, clients, and prospective clients.

The kind of corporate events we cater for:

  • Product Launch
  • Shareholder meeting
  • Trade Show
  • Convention or Seminar
  • Christmas Party


At Wine Design, not only do we design and print custom labels, we also offer a wide range of gift boxes and timber crates. From an economical single bottle cardboard gift box, to a 6-bottle timber crate, and satin lining, we cater to your needs.

Contact Wine Design to find out about our available wines, spirits, beers, and bottled water. We will take you through the design process of putting your company logo on bottle labels. At Wine Design we value quality.