Best Wines for Wedding Gifts

Best Wines for wedding gifts

Make the newlyweds feel even more special with customised wine wedding gifts.

A bottle or maybe even a case of wine is one of the best wedding gifts that you can give to a newlywed couple. It is simple yet classy. It could even be the first thing to grab for a toast on their wedding day, for future anniversaries, or memorable milestones.

Different Kinds of Wine

Different Kinds of Wine

Before you go ahead and just grab the most expensive wine for the wedding, you must first learn that the best wine varies for each couple. Depending on what you know about them, their favourite wine may not be the most expensive one out there, but the most delicious. Here are the different kinds of wine to give you an idea:

  • Sparkling Wine

For celebrations, sparkling wine usually hits the spot. Bubbly wine seamlessly complements any joyous occasion. Sparkling wine is typically white or rosé with carbon dioxide created in the tanks where the wine was made, or by adding carbon dioxide during the bottling. It is commonly paired with shellfish, soft cheeses, eggs, caviar, and some desserts.

  • White Wine

White wine is lighter than red wine with tastes that range from sweet to dry. It is high in acidity and compliments lighter meals, like seafood and salads, as well as white meat like turkey and chicken.

  • Red Wine

Red wine has a bolder, more complex taste than sparkling, white, or rosé wine. It has tastes that range from sweet to complex, to dry. It is perfect for red or fatty meat because it helps balance the flavour and cut the richness of the meat.

  • Rosé Wine

Rosé is similar to red wine in that the grape skin is part of the fermentation process. The only difference is that the skins are removed  from the wine after three to four days of fermentation, giving it that pink hue. Its flavour is lighter than red wine but more complex than white, with tastes ranging from sweet to fruity and citrusy. Just like white wine, rosé is paired best with light salads and lightly cooked seafood. Light plates of pasta are also good options for rosé wines.

The Perfect Gift for the Newly-weds

There is more variety in each kind of wine than you might think. Now that you’ve found the kind of wine the newlyweds will possibly like, it’s time to choose among a variety of wines.

Sparkling Wine - Wedding gifts

Sparkling Wine

If the newlyweds love to open up a bubbly every now and then, sparkling wine may just be the perfect gift. Here are just some of the best of the best that Australia has to offer:

  • Tamburlaine Organic Wines: Wine Lovers Scarlett Bubbles

This one’s a great treat for any party because of its strawberry and raspberry aromas. A sparkling rosé like this is perfect for a little wild and fun party.

  • Peterson House: Zibibbo

This bright straw-coloured wine is the perfect balance between fresh and sweet. It has wonderful floral tones with subdued citrus aromas. It feels like taking a bite of fresh fruit. It’s invigorating and has a surprising zesty after taste.

If you prefer finer yet persistent bubbles on your drink as you take a cold and refreshing sip, then Hunter Cuvee is ideal. It is perfect for elegant dinner parties especially when paired with light and delicate food.

White Wines - Wedding gifts

White Wines

Is the couple more interested in deep conversations with light drinks on hand? If so, they would prefer white wine! Here are some of Australia’s notable white wines:

  • McGuigan Wines: Black Label Pinot Grigio

One of McGuigan’s more popular bottles, the Black Label Pinot Grigio brings the perfect balance between crisp and refreshing. The aroma from the blend of ripe pear and green apple makes for a good start to the perfect evening date.

  • Pokolbin Estate: Riesling ‘Late Harvest’ 2014

Definitely on the sweeter side, this ‘Late Harvest’ white wine is fermented with the perfect mixture of ripe grapes. Its taste is less dry and has a more balanced sweetness, making it an excellent pair for complex flavours like varieties of cheese, and spicy Asian dishes like Thai or Indian curry.

For that citrusy taste, take a sip of the Bellevue Heritage Grand Reserve Sémillon. It has the enticing yet delicate taste of lemon-grass, lemon and limes making the added zest a perfect complement to poultry such as turkey and chicken, or creamy white pasta.

Red Wines - Wedding gifts

Red Wines

If the newlyweds are interested in fancy steak or lamb dinners, red wine is the best choice to cut through the heavy, rich flavour profiles. Here are just some of Australia’s finest:

For lightly fruity aromas with a bit of warmth, try a glass of Bela Rosa 2019. Bela Rosa has a unique blend of cherries, berries, and vanilla which pair perfectly well with spicy food, hard cheeses, and red meat.

  • Tamburlaine Organic Wines: Grenache Shiraz Malbec GSM

This GSM creation is composed of blackberries, dark plum, and red cherries. The beautiful combination of Grenache, Shiraz, and Malbec make up the perfect treat to drink with dark meat. That’s because it balances the depth of flavour that comes with beautifully seasoned dark meat like pork or beef.

The cherry and chocolate flavours are densely packed without being overpowering in the Hand Made Shiraz. Although its grapes were picked at full ripeness, the sweetness is not overwhelming, and is actually a little more acidic.

Rosé Wines - Wedding gifts

Rosé Wines

For couples who love just a tad bit of complexity to their lovely meals without being too acidic, rosé wine is the total match. Australia’s most popular wineries offer these fantastic rosé wines:

  • Tamburlaine Organic Wines: 2019 Wine Lover’s Rosé

For a romantic and intimate night, the 2019 Wine Lover’s Rosé is just what you need to hit the mood. It has the beautiful aroma of rose petals and pink grapefruit combined with the delicious mix of juicy apples and citrus.

With the intense scent of berries, the Cellar Select Rosé 2019 is certainly not for average light meals. Its Muscat-like character adds a depth of flavour that pairs best with red meat and vegetables and light-hearted conversations.

For simple home-cooked barbecue dates, the couple will surely enjoy the Rosé ‘Nebbiolo’ 2017. It is a dry rosé with strawberry, melon, and peach undertones that make it perfect to enjoy by itself, or with grilled or dry heated/cooked meals.

Get personalised wines as wedding gifts

Whether it’s a bottle or a case of wine, any wine thoughtfully gifted is truly something to cherish. Luckily, you can make your wine gifts even more special by having a customised wine design that’s especially made for the happy couple.

Wine Design Australia caters to a variety of customers with customised wine designs for corporate events, special occasions, and personalised gifts. We create professional wine designs that would make your wedding gift more thoughtful. Celebrate a friend or family’s wedding by giving them a bottle to remember you by. Contact us for details.

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