Personalising Wine Bottles for Wedding Gifts

Personalising Wine Bottles for Wedding Gifts

Wines make great gifts for corporate events as well as weddings, since they bring out an elegance that make one feel honoured and adored. They also give a good impression and can enhance the mood of a particular occasion. It is therefore crucial to know how to choose perfect wine for each particular occasion. Personalising the wine as a gift even makes it even more special and stand out to the person receiving the gift. There are a number of ideas you can consider to ensure you bring out the perfect wine for whichever special occasion you have as follows.

Personalising the Wine Bottles

Personalising the wine as a gift for a specific occasion is one of the things that can make it stand out as a perfect gift to the recipient. There are also different ways that wine can be crafted to suit the occasion such as; font: A great choice of the font in labelling the wine as a gift will really help in setting a particular tone of the gift for the occasion. Most people would want to give a classy or elegant gift, and this will really come in handy to bring out such an impression. There are many fonts to choose from to suit the occasion and recipient.

Wine Labelling and Customisation

Wine Labelling and Customisation

Regardless of the occasion or gift preference, you can choose from a variety of font designs to label the gifts that can impress the recipient. For instance, a personalised gift would go well with a classy font which would bring an elegant mood. On the other hand, a professional occasion such as a wedding or general celebration party would want a customised elegant font. Some of the font types are such as;

  • Serif: If you are looking for casual fonts that suit a professional occasion, then these fonts are perfect as they are not flashy or overly extravagant. They are also easier to see and clear to read.
  • Sans Serif: Unlike serif, these fonts differ in that they do not have lines sticking on the ends (known as serifs). They a modern and creative look. Popular examples are Century Gothic or Helvetica.
  • Scripts: Also known as cursive fonts, these are unique type of fonts whose letters run together on each other. They create a bright and sophisticated tone hence bringing in the celebration mood, hence most effective for celebrations such as birthday parties and so on.
  • Decorative fonts: These are fonts specially designed for attention seeking or creating awareness for the excitement mood and hence also great in use for weddings as well as other corporate events. Some of the instances are Curl MT and Betty noir.

DIY Customisation

You can also customise a design that will make the wine gift more creative and beautiful such that the recipient can enjoy the mood. It also brightens the environment making the celebration lively.

Table Tags

In a wedding setting, the scene looks more attractive and adorable when there is a table tag with custom labelled wine as the gift on each of the tables. People will also be able to easily choose which tables to sit.

Centrepieces with Flowers

For a lively party scenery, especially for celebrations or corporate events, flowers always seem to rhythm with a happy and fascinating mood. They can therefore be placed together with the wine as a gift.

Customised Wine Labels

Customised Wine Labels

Just as with fonts, you are also able design and customise labels on wine depending on the taste and mood of the recipient. For instance, a birthday occasion would call for an appealing label such as one with decorative text and appealing colours. However, if you are designing a wine label for a professional occasion, you may need to consider a somewhat more sombre context where the content is visible to the eye but not so bright. Muted colours may also do the trick in coming up with such an idea. A good tool to use for this is a label editor, where you choose the label dimensions, colours, as well as font to be used.

Wine Selections

Wine Selections

There are many different types of wines to choose from as well as a wide range you can select based on the occasion, such as corporate events, wedding or even personalised. Choosing the perfect design and wine type will be important to make it perfect for the gift. For instance, in a corporate or professional occasion, sparkling wine will make the celebration lively. Weddings would also be perfectly suited for champagne-style wines. This is because the fizzy drink will bring up the celebration mood.

Many family occasions may also want a celebration mood, but most will prefer a calm and elegant mood, hence the choice of classic wines such as red wine. These are wines that can be enjoyed with a meal and still bring up a good mood for the season. Choice of food to go with the wine will also be a good consideration in this aspect to best suit the celebration mood.

Types/Varieties of Wines

There are different types of wines that can be considered when selecting gifts depending on the occasion. Some of these are as follows:

  • Chardonnay: This is a full-bodied wine that comes with a buttery taste, as well as crispy fruit flavours such as apple and pear. It is also globally grown but more popular in the USA. It is designed specifically for personalised gifts as it is most suitable for a coupled dinner, such as with a loved one.
  • Riesling: With a German origin, this wine comes with a sweet and acidic taste, best for celebration occasions such as birthdays. It also requires a special meal course to accompany it.
  • Pinot Grigio: For lovers of white wine, this can act as the perfect gift on account of its great crispy fruity flavours and design. Originating in Italy, this is a uniquely crafted wine style that can also fit as a personalised wine It also has a meal course that can be paired with it, such as seafood.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: This is also a uniquely designed wine best served with chicken or vegetables and also comes with different flavours such as vanilla and spice. It is often aged in oak.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: One of the most popular red wines, this is a ‘rich and robust’ drink that can perfectly match a professional occasion. It comes crafted with fruity flavours mixed with spices and aromas for that classy taste. It pairs well with red meat or steak.

Meals Accompanied with Wine

There are a number of meals that can be accompanied with wine, although this will solely depend with the type of wine as well as the occasion. Some types of wine are considered heavy bodied and do not pair well with various types of food. It is important however to consider a variety of factors such as texture. In wine, this may be described in form of thin, viscous, or even medium bodied. In food on the other hand it may be grainy, loose, dry, oily or even rough in texture.

Flavours are also very important aspects to consider when pairing wine with food since they will trigger the aroma and taste sensation in the combinations. The most common flavours are fruity, nutty, spicy, or even meaty. The alcohol content, acidity, or even oak level of the wine, will determine the type of food it will be best combined with. Alternatively, high spice content level in food may mean fewer wine options.

The majority of wine types, especially red wines, are safe to be paired with simple foods such as grilled beef, rack lamb, or even roast chicken. Any kind of dish especially served with mayonnaise, such as a fatty dish, may be better paired with a more the acidic wine. A sweet meal on the other hand served with a fruit flavoured sauce or sweetened vegetable puree will cause the wine to be sharp or bitter. Cheese is also a good meal that can be paired with wine as it causes the acidity in the wine softer and less harsh. Popular cheese such as ripe pungent brie or tangy goat cheese can make a good combination.


Selecting a perfect gift especially for a wedding can be a hectic task, however wine can make the best alternative. Talk to the experts from Wine Design.